Who is Kris?

Okay, about Kris and Serge. Where to start?

I have been listening to Kris for over ten years now (2004-2017). When I say ‘listening to’ I really mean conversing with. It’s my experience that even if we don’t say a word outwardly, we are each in deep, personal conversation with Kris whenever we attend a session, or even hear or read one. It’s clear that this engagement is multidimensional and straddles space, time, and even belief systems!

Kris has taught me that our job is to innocently desire it, passionately imagine it, and bravely take the first few steps towards it… and then allow the Universe to joyfully kick in and join us in this eternal dance of creation.

He has given almost as many meditations in that time – guided visualizations – or as we call them, Adventures In Practice. Typically people remember about half of these amazing hypnotic inductions. (Perhaps because they take us way beyond our usual way of thinking about Who We Are and how the Universe works… and when our little brains get stretched that much it can make us sleepy!)

Kris has offered literally dozens of powerful spiritual tools and techniques over the years and I have benefited personally from many of them. Simple, startling little techniques that transform consciousness, perception, and then, of course, our experience of reality.

But seriously, the knowledge I have gained listening to Kris is frankly almost unbelievable. He has given me – and all of us – insights into ourselves and the nature of the Universe that consistently blow my mind, in the best possible way.

In the past, I have listened to lots of different channeled sources and philosophers and philosophies and Kris outshines them all by a long shot. This sounds like hyperbole I know, but it’s just the plain truth from my perspective. You be the judge.

Of course, I can’t give Kris, or anyone other than myself, credit for the transformations in my consciousness that have occurred. Kris is always keen to remind us that however enlightening the information we may offer ourselves, we have to personally take action and do the work. Nobody can do this for us.

For me, Kris has always been a very personable entity and the experience of listening and conversing with him never fails to broaden my horizons and lift my spirits. Whether being cosmic or comic, he (she, they) always has a twinkle in his eye and half a smile on his lips.

Half the reason for this is Serge himself, who is a very charming and dynamic personality in his own right. In summary, my friendship with Serge and Kris has changed my life in a myriad of multidimensional ways.