A New Perspective On Enjoyment

I am remembering an old saying, ‘Living well is the best revenge’. Somehow, even without looking it up, this seems French or at least continental.

I also recall the English version of this idea that is enshrined in their legal tradition, and consequently ours, of everyone’s inalienable right to ‘live a life of quiet enjoyment’.

Leaving aside the idea of revenge, and quietness for that matter, what is being celebrated here is the primary value and importance of enjoying life.

Kris agrees:

“Realities change when you stop limiting, and hindering, and restricting, your enjoyment of life. Drop the guilt and shame of simply being who you are. Otherwise, you have to live life according to the imposed guilt and shame of those around you.”

KRIS – The Magical Self – #3 – March 5, 2018

And Seth concurs:

“And whenever these classes are not fun, do not come to them! And whenever you are doing something yourselves that is not fun, stop it!”

“Follow your bliss. Feel good. Let that guide you when you’re uncertain.”

SETH – mixed sources

Summarizing this advice, it seems that simply being ourselves and enjoying life is the best way forward whatever our challenges or intentions might be.

Enjoying life is our best strategy for getting on with the things we want to address instead of trying to change, fix, improve or whatever.

Seth acknowledges that this is difficult for us given our conditioning, and seems like Pollyanna thinking until you actually try it and it works.

Choosing pleasure and fun is the ultimate fix for everything. How can this be? It seems silly, and if it’s accurate, too good to be true.

How is it that just enjoying ourselves and our lives can help us with all the issues we face? Good question!

I took this question within this morning in my daily adventure in Dreamtime and got a pretty good answer.

Just watching a documentary on David Hockney and he provided a helpful piece:

“When you’re painting, it’s now. I like to live in the now. That’s all there is actually. Isn’t it?”

YouTube – David Hockney – ‘I Like to Live in the Now’ | TateShots

It’s not just painting; it seems clear that enjoyment, fun, pleasure, also happen only in the now. We can’t enjoy something tomorrow or yesterday.

When we are enjoying ourselves, we are spontaneously expressing our innate qualities of ‘Sat, Chit, Ananda’ – eternal, full of knowledge and bliss.

Enjoyment brings us into the spacious present and brings to our awareness our connection to our wider Selves and All That Is.

What comes bubbling out of this connection is lots more fun, bottomless support, wonderful new options, inspiration, and the most irresistible compassion and loving encouragement.

Could it be that enjoying ourselves as we expand through this now moment is what we’re here for?

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