No Defence Against Love

I recently got a crystal singing bowl. For those who are not familiar, these are wonderful musical instruments made of quartz that ring with a particular power and resonance when struck with a mallet.

The one I got is tuned to the G note which is associated with the throat chakra. When I got it out of the packing box and struck it gently with the mallet provided, I was delighted by the strength and purity of the sound.

I learned to make the bowl ‘sing’ by stroking around the rim with the mallet much like running a wet finger around the rim of a wine glass.


The sound always had a similar effect on me. It was always exactly the same sound which may explain why it put me in a sort of trance where I was attuned to some other dimension of myself.

As I said to a friend while demonstrating the instrument, ‘When I hear this I go somewhere.’

A little research revealed that the tone made by these quartz bowls was quite special. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, a crystalline substance (think ice), and a whole lot of other crystalline structures.

In fact, the connective tissue or fascia which delineates the various compartments of our bodies and cradles all of our organs is classed as a liquid crystalline structure.

When the pure, crystalline tone of the quartz bowl sounds, our bodies have no defense or resistance against it. The sound energy immediately gets ‘in amongst us’ in the most intimate way.

Just now on the back deck as I was appreciating the full, golden moon, I realized the allegory for me of the singing bowl.

Kris once suggested that when we discover a tree full of birds doing their busy, chirpy thing, we send them a big wave of loving kindness. Then we were to observe for a few moments, and see if there was any response.

I tried this a few times and sometimes the birds just went on doing what they were doing. But occasionally they would all become quiet for a moment and I could almost feel them looking at me.

Just as the crystalline qualities of our physical bodies cannot help but respond to the pure, powerful vibrations of the quartz bowl, in the same way, all of creation cannot help but respond to loving kindness because its very being is made up of this same love.

Nobody and nothing has any defense against loving kindness.

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