You Have The Magic In You!

You Have Real Magical Powers

We are magical beings but the magic at our disposal is not like the magic we see depicted in the world. Magicians who pull rabbits out of hats are allegories of our real magical powers. Kris’ new workshop, The Magical Self might touch on some of these themes.

Books and movies about Harry Potter and the gang at Hogwarts, wielding their wands and casting their spells are also allegorical and point to magical tools and techniques available to us all.

A quick look at our culture shows many, many depictions of magical events and mystical powers. Science fiction, computer graphics (Industrial Light and Magic), superheroes, magical realism in art, novels, opera, music, dance, the list goes on.

Our myths and religions are overflowing with magical qualities and events, Creation, salvation, virgin birth, raising the dead, ascension, the Hero’s Journey, guardian angels, healings and etc.

All of this is allegorical for the actual magical powers that we all possess but may have forgotten. In fact, this is one of our real magical powers – the ability to automatically produce allegories in our outer experience to get us to notice our inner potentials and processes.

The many wonderful stories we have been telling ourselves about our magical abilities are often highly dramatized and exaggerated. This helps to catch our attention but may end up being a somewhat misleading caricature of our real abilities.

This means, for example, that our magical ability to use our imagination, beliefs, and expectations to create our experiences is collapsed into the imagery of a wizard pointing a wand and chanting a spell.

The morality play we have presented ourselves with illuminates the idea and invites the realization that we are all wizards and the magical wand we are waving is our imagination.

So the real magic that we all use, consciously or unconsciously, does not involve glowing wands, or fireballs coming from our hands, or having bullets bounce off our superhero outfit.

A starting list of our magical powers might include:

* just being – it’s basic
* expressing loving kindness – magically unlimited
* passionate direction – the gift of intention
* imagination of other realities – endlessly delightful
* choosing preferences – without judgment
* transforming perception – and thence the World
* connection with Self, all others, and All That Is
* forgiveness, acceptance, release, allowance, grace
* presence, awareness, moving attention, noticing
* relaxing into love, faith, trust, peace

We use these magical powers, which we obviously all possess, to literally create the realities that we experience, individually and as a consensus.

We have the magic in us!

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