Judgment versus Choices


Doing a bit of research on judgment in Kris’ material and came up with some great stuff. Judgment is bad! Of course, that is a statement that contradicts itself, just like Elias’ ‘There are no absolutes.’

When we judge something in any way we are entering the worldview of dualities. Good and bad, light and dark, happy and sad, big and small and on it goes. In essence, yin and yang, a dual perception of reality.

Becoming present without judgment opens inner doors to the Deep Self and the great Oneness and incidentally also reveals choices we can take to actualize what we really want.

This is not to say that judgment itself is bad. It has a valid place in our lives but so often our daily judgments are based on conditioning and prejudiced perceptions

What is new for me is understanding that ANY form of judgment is limiting. I had already learned about the qualities of ‘judgmentalism’ which was clearly duplicitous and not helpful.

So why do we make judgments anyway? There is an aspect of our physically focused mind that is constantly making judgments about everything we perceive. In the Vedas, an ancient and highly perceptive civilization, this aspect of mind is called ‘buddhi’.

It is important to note that in that tradition, the foundational aspect of the mind, ‘atma’ or spirit soul, is not limited or bound by the conclusions arrived at by the buddhi or intellect.

Atma, our real identity, is not necessarily caught up in the dualities and duplicities of any of the many realms that it visits. It IS interested in choices, though.

Making a choice is not necessarily making a judgment. We are free to choose something that our buddhi or intellect rejects. Equally, we can reject, by our choices, something we accept intellectually.

You can see why we pay more attention, as Soul, to our choices. Judgments ends up being sort of a distracting ‘perspective du jour’, always changing.
Whereas choices create new worlds of experience and put us in the position of changing our perceptions rather than reacting to them.

“KRIS: Indeed, because one of the most damaging things that you can do is making judgments about others and situations. That is in part what is called maya—illusion. You are feeding large amounts of energies into illusory situations. These scenarios all play themselves out at the level of the mind. And as a result, you are drained of energy and common sense; and as a result of that, you feel disempowered, disillusioned, you feel like many do in the modern generation—ineffective. There is no sense in doing anything because nobody can do anything about any situation. So people become prisoners of their own judgments because in effect they will then judge themselves just as harshly. Does that answer your inquiry?”

KRIS: The Ego, The Universe, Absolute Truth & Consciousness #1, March 11, 2014

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