Focusing Our Efforts Inwardly

Addressing inner issues directly rather than trying to fix their reflection in outer conditions and experiences.

First let me say, my little adventures in Dreamtime every morning are really paying off. Every morning, after getting up and doing the needful, I lie in bed spread-eagled with a small pillow under my neck so it can relax too.

After entering a light trance, we go into Dreamtime and have adventures with our gang of totem animals; Bear, Fox, Seal, Butterfly and etc.

Doing this daily for a year has been a continual inspiration and delight and I have become quite accustomed to directing my totems to accomplish certain things for me in my continuously challenging waking life.
Recently Kris explained that what we have engaged as our totems could actually be other non-humanoid aspects with their own states of mind, worldviews, and inviolate sovereignty, just like us.

Understanding this, I have been a bit tentative in utilizing my totems the way I used to. They are not my servants, after all. They are their own beings and why should they help me?

By consulting my totems in Dreamtime I have come to understand that they are delighted to help in any way they can and ask only to be treated with appreciation and respect based on an understanding of who they really are.

So this morning I went into Dreamtime as usual and asked the Fox to sort something out for me. The kitchen faucet is not working. No water comes out and this is pretty inconvenient.

But rather than just asking Fox to go and figure out the problem and fix it for me, understanding who Fox was, I engaged him as a helpful partner, a co-conspiritor it you will, and I got some helpful feedback.

Fox pointed out that fixing the problem in the outer world was essentially combing the mirror, or trying to fix the reflection of something, rather than what was being reflected from the inner world.

This made perfect sense and I asked Fox to discover and bring to my attention whatever the inner issue was that was causing the blockage of water in the kitchen.

Fox and I went for a walk in the forest, as we often do, only this time we came to a clearing with a pipe protruding from the hillside. The pipe was badly corroded and only an occasional drop of water fell into the stagnant pool below.
Here something unexpected happened, my totem butterfly, grown quite large, picked me up and flew me high above the landscape. I could see the outline of a huge robot, but it was in several pieces and badly in need of repair.

I called my minions and thousands of these busy little workers appeared and started putting the robot back together. In no time it was all repaired and gleaming happily.

The pipe we had originally found turned out to be the connection to the left foot which was now in perfect working order.

So here is where the story goes sideways and gets a bit spooky. I have been troubled lately by a tingling, pulsing feeling down my leg into my left foot.

Some may be tempted to diagnose this as sciatica but I am finally wiser than that. As soon as we slap a label onto something, especially using the argot of science or medicine, we settle for the associated belief systems; cause, symptoms, treatment, prognosis.

After my adventure this morning in Dreamtime, my leg and foot are fine, no tingling, no pulsating feeling. The kitchen faucet still doesn’t work but we’re giving it a day or two to catch up.

Update: The plumber was here this afternoon and he fixed the faucet so that it is working for the time being, but he says it needs to be replaced. And not only that, he says that the kitchen counter is water damaged around the sink and should also be replaced.

So tomorrow I get, not only a new faucet but a whole new countertop.









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