A New Story About My Body


A few years ago while riding my bike in early Spring, I felt several vertebrae in my middle back crack quite strongly while I was craning around to see if I could safely cut across a couple of lanes of traffic.

I had felt similar things while being adjusted by my chiropractor so thought nothing of it. Rode home, had dinner and went to bed.

The next morning was another story. There was pain rolling over in bed and when I got up, there were several, very painful electrical zaps of energy in my spine.

This went on for half an hour or so as I went about my morning routine. Things would be fine for a few minutes and then I would turn or bend in a certain way and ‘zap!’

Of course, this was alarming and the type of pain, sharp and dangerous feeling, suggested serious misalignment.

After an hour on my feet, most of the pain was gone or manageable and the zapping up my spine stopped. I was able to get through my day without much trouble except for the feeling that something was seriously wrong with my back.

The next morning was the same. An hour of sharp, zapping pains that eventually faded and were bearable for the rest of the day. This went on for a week or more, gradually getting a little better until I felt able to see my chiropractor.

I explained the problem but the treatment went as usual without directly addressing the middle back. There was no pain during or after, but no improvement either.

The next morning was the same routine of zapping pain that eventually faded and became bearable. I was very disappointed that my chiropractor had not fixed or seemingly even addressed the problem.


I decided to just let it heal on its own and apply inner tools to the issue. Over the next few weeks, the zapping pains in the morning faded away leaving only a sore and fragile-feeling area of misalignment.

Over a period of several years, this injury has healed to the point that it doesn’t hinder my daily routines much at all, but it’s still there. There is still a feeling every day of soreness and vulnerability despite applying a bewildering array of inner healing techniques.

Still, when I bend or turn in a certain way, there is a sudden reminder that this injury has not gone away. Because of this, I have learned to move cautiously and to always be aware of my posture and footing.

Without getting into the details, my response to this experience, as described above, is based on a bunch of assumptions about the physical body, causality, continuity through time, and a host of other issues.

In the intervening years, we have availed ourselves of a whole new set of assumptions, beliefs, and just plain knowledge, that represents an update to much of what we had been working with before. And often more than an update, a flat-out replacement.


Today, I have an understanding that:

* the body is a miraculous consciousness that heals itself
* causality has a whole new meaning in the spacious present
* ‘yesterday’ has no necessary influence on what might be ’today’
* units of consciousness will happily compose themselves in any arrangement we might offer
* the story of the back injury efficiently brought this all up
* all of this is an allegory revealing my own veiled energies

The Next Chapter


Empowered with this knowledge and beginning to trust it, Johnny relaxes into an almost coddled relationship with his Source Self, the Universe and All That Is.

Recognizing, and increasingly banking on this relationship, Johnny starts to branch out into new areas and directions.

* Writing for fun with no agenda
* Sketching with pen and ink on paper and also computer screens
* Clearing and arranging his apartment
* Doing artwork for fun with no agenda
* Watching video and reading about famous detectives
* Pursuing daring inner work/play in Dreamtime
* Appreciating himself, the Kris community, Toronto, everything

As a consequence of this new energy, the back issue starts to move and change. It is no longer trapped in space and time with its impeccable pedigree and prognosis. It has broken free into new possibilities.

Over the next few weeks the back issue, along with a lot of other physical issues, goes by the wayside as Johnny applies these new principles to his life and gets busy with new opportunities.

On an impulse, Johnny goes to a nearby medical clinic and gets some treatments; chiropractic, massage, naturopathic, restorative yoga, and etc. These expert ministrations have an almost immediate effect that restores Johnny’s body to its natural, vital self.

The next decade passes quickly and joyfully as Johnny roams the world on the ‘Totally Taco Tour’ searching the continents for the ultimate fish taco. There is a blog, of course, personal appearances, and millions of dedicated followers. Stay tuned.

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