Renegotiating Our Collective Agreement

Very often the channel sources we listen to, Kris, Seth, Elias, Abraham, etc., they all start out by saying that we have a collective agreement about certain things.

We agree to live in a plane of existence where time and space have a particular meaning, and consequentially linear causality is important.

Gravity, the rising and setting of the sun, people birthing into and eventually leaving physical bodies, five primary physical senses, and separation from Source, are all in the initial agreements we have made.

But at the end of these same paragraphs these various sources say that with this Shift in consciousness, we can now move beyond some of these agreements.

We can realize that we are not separated from Source and that the body and physical senses offer only a small fraction of the true scope of our consciousness and our potential.

This suggests to me that there are two levels of collective agreements. There is the level where we are NOT changing things.

The sun will continue to rise every day and gravity will still work. Our physical bodies will continue to be our main interface with physical reality.

Then there is the level of collective agreements that we are in the process of changing, or renegotiating if you will.

We are becoming aware that we are much more than these physical bodies, and our physical senses offer only a small slice of the perceptual panorama before us as Spirit-Soul.

We are remembering and re-engaging our connection to our deeper Selves, all others, and All That Is.

We are recognizing our innate abilities and our potential to adjust almost anything in our perception to be more advantageous, loving, creative, and fun.

In terms of understanding who we are, we are moving from an idea of being a purely biological and physical being who came up from a meaningless accident involving lightning and dirty swamp water, and evolved into a super-predator be means of surviving ‘nature red in tooth and claw’.

We are moving to an idea that we are Spirit Souls, eternal beings who have chosen to engage physical reality for our own reasons, some of which are not available to us as focal expressions.

This is all predicated on a new trustingness in our own individual stance within both the universe at large and our own inner Selves. We are becoming open to accepting and receiving in an environment of trust.

It is becoming clear that we are always a committee of perspectives and points of view and the role we perform as individuals in this mix is making choices that are our own.

Here is the cool thing about what we are experimenting with here. We are choosing to open our awareness to our full selves as Source, and at the same time continue to occupy physical bodies and operate on this physical plane of existence.

This experiment may never have been tried before in this particular way. It is an open question as to how folks will respond to being aware of their Source Self while, at the same time, having a tall stack at IHOP.

Are you ready for unconditional love and acceptance, eternal beingness, total knowledge, and endless bliss?

Yes, we will keep the sunrise and the waxing and waning of the moon. Gravity, photosynthesis, water, there is so much wonder we will continue to co-create here in this physically focused plane.

We will keep most of the camouflage or window dressing but change the interior life of the players to have a much wider understanding of who they are and what their potential and abilities offer them.

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