Drawing And Dancing

Just had a wonderful insight into a connection between drawing and dancing.

I was alone in my living room gently gyrating to the song ‘Despacito’ in front of the big mirror. I find that this relaxes my neck and shoulders like nothing else. Plus it’s fun!

Today while I was moving my arms and hands – rather elegantly if I may say so – in time to the music, I suddenly saw myself drawing with pen and ink with similar kinds of flourishes.

It is only recently that I have taken up physical drawing again after a decade of using digital tools exclusively.

And a big part of the reason for this is that I missed the physical, almost visceral experience of dragging a pen over toothy paper and leaving a mark to bear witness to our experience together.

So the movements of dance and the action of drawing have a wonderful resonance in  the pleasure and intention that they both embody and also in the joy of carving a pathway through physical reality that expresses our own unique creative elegance and eloquence.

What other activities might embody these qualities? Let’s make a list…

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