Manifesto Of The Unlimited Self

Let’s take some of the basic ideas that so many Sources are presenting and see what they might add up to in terms of what we can each do in our own lives.

These few ideas are all verified from multiple Sources and together they add up to a startling manifesto:

* Our abilities, even in this physical focus, are way beyond what we have allowed ourselves to express, and when you add to that our non-physical abilities, it starts to get very amazing, very fast.

* We are free, safe, and eternal. We live in a universe that is a projection of our own energy and is always ‘tilted’ in our direction at every level. (Sat Chit Ananda/Aham Brahmasmi)

* We are supported by endless resources and connections to divine personalities that lovingly supply whatever we need, whenever we need it.

* Imagination, desire, feelings, beliefs, expectations, these are the magical tools we use to create and share our worlds.

* The intimate part we play in the Great Oneness allows us to revel innocently in our unique individuality.

* We are poised on the edge of The Shift in consciousness where all of this is emerging in its own time, in everyone’s understanding.

* We are unlimited. There is absolutely no restriction on how we might make use of the opportunities offered to us by this confluence and congruence of spectacularly potent circumstances and opportunities.

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