Appreciation Is Big


Had an insight just now about appreciation.

I was thinking about my relationship with Kris and the wonderful interactions we have.

I realized that our engagement with each other was very satisfying and compelling to me and also that it was often enjoyed by others. It was fun and informative.

Since I am on an appreciation kick lately, I immediately said, ‘I appreciate our relationship Kris, and our interactions.

I felt immediately a difference in how I was feeling and perceiving this connection.

A kind of distance, or objectivity, or dissociation from the local, ego-focused qualities of our interaction emerged, along with a broader, less localized perception of our engagement. Our engagement was seen as part of a myriad of other connections, each more charming than the last.

I became grateful and appreciative of our interactions, and all the others, rather than identifying with any of them. Such a difference!

Here’s a funny thing. Appreciating ourselves and the physical world in a direct way automatically moves us away from identifying ourselves so closely with our local, focal personality and our actions at that level.

Appreciation is like thankfulness except it implies a knowledge of the circumstances behind the scenes that thankfulness may not necessarily perceive.

Appreciation is about accepting and enjoying something that goes beyond what we were expecting, a happy surprise.

From the dictionary: ‘Appreciation is not only the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of something. It is also a full understanding of a situation’.

Appreciation is not about stuff we are comfortable with and have under control – that is satisfaction.

Appreciation perceives and thus creates, a platform where some wider part of us is feeling appreciation and understanding of who we currently think we are.

Appreciation automatically moves our identity and perception to this broader perspective of ourselves as Source Self, where we are always delighted to expand our scope and discover unexpected qualities of ourselves.

Kris has recently focused on the potency of appreciating who we are, even beyond many other tools and techniques he has offered.

“Paying attention to your own thoughts about yourselves and recognizing how you may be able to take advantage of this type of communication to understand that all ideas of separation from Source are illusory, can release beautiful waveform patterns of a great support system, if you like, a communication from those realms that you may consider, somehow or other, as unattainable except through some special type of information.

It is very nice, indeed, to inquire and to understand many of the mechanics of consciousness and the universe and even how to connect to Source. But the greatest key is appreciation that includes who you are, instead of excluding who you are, so you can have this great connection, this unity, this union, this oneness with Source.

You cannot expect oneness with Source with discounting of Self. Do you follow?”

KRIS~The Deep Self III #2, November 20, 2017

Elias has also said some similar things about appreciation…

Session #1799:

“ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, appreciation generates one of the MOST POWERFUL expressions of energy that you can generate. It may be rivaled merely by an intensity of fear, an extreme of fear. But as many of you may be aware within your experiences, fear can be a POWERFUL expression of energy and it can create powerful expressions and destructive expressions, and can be expressed to such an extreme that you can even generate a physical manifestation of it. You can configure energy of fear into an actual physical being. That is how powerful that energy expression is. But appreciation is more powerful than fear.

Session #1167:

“ELIAS: Appreciation is ultimate acceptance. It is a recognition of the value of whatever you move your attention to in relation to appreciation, the genuine expression of knowing its value without fear, without resistance, in resignation to it. It is beyond thankfulness. The appreciation may not be expressed without the knowing.”

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