Maybe Clear Intention Is Enough


After a photo by Richard Harrop.

Talk about putting things to good use! After a wonderful Skype session this morning with the Sunday Morning group, I tried out an approach that we had discussed.

We talked about how our intention was the driving force in our journey through the infinite probabilities available to us.

Well, I had been looking for a particular little pencil sharpener for several days now. This was not the ordinary sharpener for pencils. It was a much smaller version for sharpening the leads that go into a lead holder.


I have only recently resurrected my interest in drawing with pen and ink, and several of these lead holders showed up while I was retrieving my old fountain pens from the shelves of art supplies that I have not touched for a decade.

I had searched carefully for this sharpener more than once in the last couple of days and came up with nothing, even though I had a clear memory of having one back when I was using traditional media.

After the call this morning, I was walking towards the back room and decided to try what we had been talking about; setting a firm, clear intention and then kindly expecting our universe to respond.

So, with this intention firmly in mind, I explored my old art supplies again in an open-ended way, including areas that I had looked at before.

Looking at a couple of wooden bowls with assorted miscellany, my eyes were drawn to a familiar shape and, by golly, there was the sharpener.


This all happened within a few minutes of hanging up the call and setting the intention.

I seized the sharpener and used it to put a fine point on all the lead holders in the house, all the while thinking about what had just happened.

What else in my life could I form a clear intention about and then proceed to easily resolve in this same way?

Let me make a list…

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