Symbology Of Finding Coins

We have been learning a lot lately about how our perception of ‘outer’ reality is symbolic.

So it was interesting to notice today that twice I found a silver coin on the road.

Once was while walking down McCaul Street toward the Ontario College of Art. While crossing the road, I noticed a quarter and stooped to pick it up.

I normally don’t pick up coins because they’re not mine, and bending over that way has become an issue.

I picked this quarter up though, perhaps in the spirit of the new energy and interest I have been feeling for getting out and about.

I do recall a wonderful few moments of bliss as I enjoyed the pleasures of walking down McCaul Street on a cold day while it was trying to snow.

Later in the day, as I was crossing the road in front of my home I noticed a dime. It was unmistakable because of its size, as compared to the quarter this morning.

Having stooped for the quarter, I figured, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’, and picked it up too.

So now we have noticed and picked up two silver coins in one day, an event possibly unprecedented in this lifetime.

What might that mean? What is the symbology of finding and picking up two silver coins?

Well clearly, there is something about finding valuable things, little precious treasures. A coin has a special meaning as it is one of the first things we learn as children that has ‘value’.

Children were asked to draw coins and metal slugs of the same size. The drawings of the coins were always significantly larger.

A coin is a symbol of intrinsic value. Just by being what it is and shining up from the pavement, a coin has obvious value.

I am recognizing in myself and consequently in the world around me, evidence of my own intrinsic value, and I am happily accepting this causeless gift of the universe.

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