Learning The Language Of Self


A key component in this Shift in consciousness we are all undergoing is reconnecting to our wider, grander Selves.

We have been experimenting with separation from Self for some time now and the thrill is gone.

Originally the scenario was very exciting. What if we believed we were alone in a universe that was seemingly outside of ourselves?

What if we believed that our physical bodies, our physically focused consciousness, and our physical senses were the totality of our being?

We have been pursuing this experiment for a long time and the experiences have been eye-opening and worth exploring, but the idea has run its course.

Like any focused experiment, there were compromises to be made, and it turned out that giving up our conscious connection to our whole Selves was ultimately very limiting.

And so the Shift in consciousness is upon us. We have decided, at those layers that are still mostly unconscious to us, that we are reconnecting to our wider, grander Selves while still maintaining our focus in this plane of existence.

The results of this Shift are likely to be spectacular, as you might imagine. To become fully aware of ourselves as Source Self and still maintain a focal personality breaks most of the rules.

Multitudes of beings from vastly different planes of existence are gathering here to observe and even participate in this unprecedented performance and exhibition of divine consciousness.

So reconnecting to our inner Self becomes the issue of the day. Coincidentally (not) we have embedded for ourselves a host of ways to do this in our mystic and mythic traditions.

Meditation, mindfulness, prayer, song, dance, asanas, austerities, symbology, even substances, and practices. It’s all there waiting to be assessed and used.

Here’s the kicker though. Our grander Self talks to us now as it always has, non-verbally. Feelings, images, coincidence, juxtaposition, timing, intuition, everyday experience.

The whole range of inner and outer senses, ideas and the mind, feelings and sensations, sight, sound, smell, ideas, memory, all are important avenues for Self to communicate with us.

At first look, this may seem inconvenient. Why can’t we just get an email from our wider Self every morning giving us today’s heads up?

Email, the Internet, even languages are all inventions we have created along the way to try to help with the pretty devastating issue of not feeling we are connected to Source Self.

We need to remember the language of Self and re-establish our inner connection.

A recent example of how Self communicates:

I was able to connect the symbolism of two seemingly separate events earlier this week.

On Monday, for the first time in many years, I had a guy come and start cleaning my apartment. Not being able to bend or lift like I used to, I had let some things go and it was wonderful to see him work his way from one room to another.

Then on Tuesday, I started to have that funny feeling in my tummy that tells me that something untoward is afoot.

By Wednesday I was in full flow and had time to ponder while sitting on the ‘throne’. As is my habit, I wondered what this condition of my bowels meant.

Why have we created this? What’s the message? In what way have I transgressed the gods. (kidding!)

As is often the case, nothing came through in that moment, but I caught myself later saying something significant.

I had decided to take a teaspoon of psyllium husks in a glass of water as a way to sort of flush things through my system. As I did this I said, “This will clean things out.

It was in this moment that I connected my intestinal purge with yesterday’s expression of ‘cleaning things out’ when the guy came to clean my apartment.

So, translating this symbolic imagery, what am I sharing with my physically focused self from the perspective of my wider Self?

I am cleaning things out.

I am letting go of stuff that is not needed anymore, stuff that has been accumulating. I am clearing out old notions that were limiting my present expression and were ripe for release.

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