Breaking Free Of Time And Space


Breaking free of the limitations of time and space.

Kris has offered a new way of organizing our life experiences free of time and space.

Typically we organize our experiences by stringing them along a timeline. This happened before that but after that. This is happening here, that is happening over there, and that is happening far away.

Turns out this way of organizing our experiences is a cultural construct that is useful in our mundane lives but also blinds us to many helpful and enriching associations.

Since we are eternal beings living in the ‘spacious present’, there isn’t really any past or future and we are intimately connected to everything, wherever it is in space or time.

For those who like to see sources, here is a recent quote from Kris describing this.

“Indeed. So your own beliefs act in that way and they become, then, the ground upon which you build the edifices or the structures that then become your lives and the experiences that ensue.

“The idea we proposed near a decade ago about the honeycomb-like structure is perhaps closer to an alternative, and we do want to clearly establish that this structure already exists. You are simply not utilizing it. You are superimposing another, artificial structure because it is one that is relatable to the manner in which you have created the ego.

“And it follows suit to the beliefs that you hold. If you begin to alter the structures of the beliefs themselves, then you can take advantage of a different kind of structure. And the honeycomb-like structure, if you examine the honeycomb very carefully, each is interconnected to the other.

“And you can far more easily navigate from one to the other through the venue of your feeling tones, these things that you feel deeply about that make the connections from one state of being to another allowing you to embrace even so-called unsavory experiences and relevant belief structures.

“You could even say ‘belief tones’ within which you can move from one point to another, to another, circumventing those particular beliefs and belief tones that may indeed, create, according to your dictates — dictates meaning according to what you hold and what you concentrate upon — enabling you to move much more rapidly through various belief tones into areas of beliefs that are more enjoyable.”

Kris – The Deep Self II #6 – Oct. 16, 2017

And here is a quote from Seth that says basically the same thing.


The idea is, as Source Self, we do not use our culture’s consensus ideas of time and space.

We innately organize experiences by the associated feelings and emotions.

Feelings have unique characteristics that allow us to easily organize them by quality and intensity, and this is how we associate and evaluate various experiences or probabilities as Source Self.

When we get in touch with our natural way of organizing and integrating our various experiences, whether in this focus or in other incarnations, we suddenly see things that we were blind to before.

A quick example. I have been looking for something to occupy me in my new status as a retired person. One of the things that keeps us engaged at this stage in life is new interests.

In meditation, I asked my dear totem animal the fox to investigate this for me. Long story short, I reignited my passion for pen and ink sketching.

This has been a lot of fun and I noticed a new energy and enthusiasm about getting up in the morning that has been dimmed for some years.

Applying the honeycomb perspective, I realized that the associated experience was me at twenty-five going through a similar process of enthusiastically exploring drawing with pen and ink.

What I was feeling now was the same growing interest and excitement about the possibilities of this mode of expression.

As an aside, I discovered on the Internet that one of the pens I bought during that period, and haven’t used for decades, is now ‘vintage’ and worth hundreds on eBay. And I’ve still got it!

By applying this honeycomb perspective, I am able to resonate with my twenty-five-year-old enthusiasm in a way that enriches and augments my present experience.

The honeycomb perspective allows me access to these kinds of resources whereas the linear perspective doesn’t consider these associations meaningful.

I have put together an exercise with a worksheet so anyone can explore this honeycomb perspective in their own life.

Exercise 1 – The Honeycomb Perspective


1 – On the worksheet write down in the center cell whatever issue you want to explore in your present situation.

2 – Identify the feelings that are dominant.

3 – What other experiences in your life have similar feeling tones?

4 – Note these experiences in adjacent cells.

5 – Recognize and open yourself to other focuses or incarnations that have experiences with the same feeling tone. Note any strong impressions in adjacent cells.

6 – How are these feelings relatable to TV shows, commercials, favorite books, music, images, food, fragrances, poetry and etc.? Note strong associations in adjacent cells.

7 – How do these feeling tones relate to my deep beliefs about god and divinity, cosmology, mythology, archetypes and so on? Note strong associations in adjacent cells.

Since this is how we orchestrate these experiences in the first place, this honeycomb perspective will almost certainly prompt us to have a new vision, a new feeling, a new understanding of our present situation, a better understanding of whom and what we are, and a vast range of interesting options and possibilities.

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