Drawing Is Conscious Creation

Proactive Art 5
Making a drawing is a very faithful microcosm of creating your own reality with many of the same qualities and considerations.

First of all, you have to set aside whatever exists presently to make room for what you are creating. Our present experience of a blank page must be given up in order for us to draw something on that page.

Secondly, even though we may be drawing what is physically before us, we are able to take advantage of many variables and options that are non-physical and essentially unlimited.

Focus, emphasis, contrast, leaving things out, adding things in, lighting, texture, pattern, feeling, drama, rhythm, narrative, history, mythology, cosmology, poetry, philosophy, and on and on.

A drawing could be thought of as us consciously injecting our own choices, styles, and preferences into physical reality as an object – an objet d’art, if you will.

And we understand this is something we have created by setting aside what was before us, and acting from non-physical perspectives, and accessing non-physical resources to fulfill our desires.

How about a Proactive Art group that meets regularly and we all make an image in real time and everybody gets to share? Hmmm.

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