Applying The Honeycomb Perspective II

Kris has recently described a way of looking at time very different from the usual understanding of past, present, and future, accepted in our civilization.

What if we organized events and experiences around connections and associations based on feelings, values, and intentions?

This makes sense because, without going into detail, we have come to understand that we all exist in the spacious present where everything is simultaneous.

This means that our usual way of thinking about time, as an irreversible, linear progression that propels us inexorably towards a future we mostly cannot perceive, this idea fades away in the face of this understanding that we are always in the eternal present.

We are choosing and creating our nows from a vast smorgasbord that is not limited by any of our ideas of time, or even space. These are local conceits.

The choices we make are informed by linked and related experiences in many other forms and venues. The feeling tones make the meaningful connections.

Feel free to play with these ideas. Associating your life experiences by feelings and intentions as opposed to calendar time creates some powerful new awarenesses and opportunities.

This week a couple of friends and I played with an exercise applying this honeycomb perspective to our own present situations and issues.

I made a worksheet for this exercise that anyone can use.
As an example, I have filled in the worksheet below…

So what happens when we apply this perspective?

Quite a lot of interesting stuff actually. At the first level, it was very interesting and helpful to see and feel that I had done similar things several times in my life.

You could almost say, from this perspective, that this pattern of feelings and experiences has repeated itself half a dozen times in my life. Not all the same, of course, but the feeling tones gave it all away.

Interesting that, like a particular taste or smell, we can instantly identify any feeling we’ve ever had.

In fact, Kris points out that we can use these unique feeling tones to move from one position in the honeycomb perspective to others that are related by that particular feeling.

I have been reading ‘The Magical Approach’ and came across this bit this morning…

“The natural person is anything but irrational. [This approach] gathers all of experience together and transforms it, so many of your problems have been caused by applying the wrong kind of orientation to your lives and activities. I say wrong, meaning no moral judgment, but the application of one method to a pursuit that cannot be adequately expressed in such a fashion.

The assembly‑line time and the beliefs that go along with it have given you many benefits as a society, but it should not be forgotten that the entire framework was initially set up to cut down on impulses, creative thought, or any other activities that would lead to anything but the mindless repetition of one act after another (intently).

In other words, that entire framework is meant to give you a standardized, mass‑produced version of reality. None of its concepts can (knocking the table) rationally be applied to creative endeavors. The orientation that gives you the creative achievement lies in the opposite direction.

Creativity itself has its own built‑in discipline, the kind that, for example, in a dream can rummage through the days of the future to find precisely the data required to make a specific point.” ~ Seth/Jane Roberts/The Magical Approach

Adopting the natural, creative perspective on time, meaning that we are attuned to the linkages and connections of feelings, intentions, meaning, and the fulfillment of our values, this means that we can start to allow the expansion of our awareness through these new venues. From this perspective, new kinds of questions start to make sense.

How is what I am doing now, what I am being challenged by now, associated with other similar challenges in my life?

How is the opportunity before me related to other opportunities in this life and in my other focuses, my other reincarnational lives?

In what ways are these ideas and feelings relatable to TV shows, movies, commercials, favorite books, music, images, dance, food, fragrances, poetry and etc.?

How does all this relate to my deep beliefs about god and divinity, cosmology, mythology, archetypes and so on?

So when we adopt this honeycomb perspective on our experiences we are presented with an astonishing array of potentially meaningful connections and relationships and associations between and amongst endless personalities and points of view. What’s a boy to do?

The wonderful and mystical news is that as we survey this endless tableau of opportunities, our Deep Self will highlight the most helpful and advantageous avenues to explore. And how does it do this?

Something will catch our attention and then our interest. We will focus in on a particular detail of the vast array before us and start to wonder and explore. This is how the Deep Self presents its suggestions.

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