My Gang Of Totem Animals


Had a lot of fun today drawing my totem animals as they appear in Dreamtime.
Every morning I take ten minutes or so and consciously enter Dreamtime by getting into a relaxed, meditative space.

In my own particular practice, I do this lying spreadeagled in bed after taking a pee and having a drink of water.

I put a small bolster behind my neck so we can really relax, and use meditative and hypnotic techniques to enter a trance state.

Once I am dissociated from the physical environment, we enter Dreamtime and I am almost always greeted by a growing menagerie of totem animals.

The Bear represents my whole Self or Source and the feelings are total love and acceptance. We hug a lot.


The Fox is my go-to totem animal that I engage almost daily to run off and figure things out that are baffling me in my present understanding.

The Seal is an interesting totem. He came from a visualization of the tension in my neck and shoulders which appeared as a dark shape that turned out to be this lovely seal wrapped around my neck.

As I have continued to engage this seal in Dreamtime, often going on swimming and diving adventures that feature total flexibility of the body, my neck and shoulders have improved dramatically.

The crouching figure represents the body consciousness. It is only recently that I have come to understand the critical role of my body consciousness in this.

This glorious aspect of ourselves has its own identity and consciousness and is empowered by us to maintain the physical body in perfect balance.

That gorgeous, vibrant butterfly is also a fairly recent addition. It represents using effortless mindfulness to come into the now.
FullSizeRender copy
Have you ever watched a butterfly slowly opening its wings on a sunny day? The feeling I get from the butterfly is landing on a flower, maybe sipping some nectar, and then slowly opening my wings to enjoy the sun.

Visualizing this brings me peacefully into the present and prompts a deep breath and even a sigh of relaxation, acceptance, and appreciation.


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