Unique Patterns Of Probabilities

Thinking about what Kris talked about on Monday [Deep Self II – 5], has resulted in some developments in my own understanding.

Kris described how each of us is connected to all of our other focuses or reincarnational selves, and these different identities and the associated realities were all cross-referenced according to shared interests and explorations.

He gave the example of one participant who has built a career working in a copy/print shop environment. He described two other focuses of this person, one in ancient Babalonia working with cuneiform tablets, the other in the middle ages working with the printing and dissemination of the Gutenberg Bible.

communication_ Intent

All three of these personalities, including the present focus, are passionate about the possibilities of mass communications to inflame the imagination and produce social change.

Kris went on to describe how we navigate this encompassing field of probabilities, which already exists in the most minute detail and variation, we navigate this vast resource according to our interests, feelings, and beliefs.

Even though we share a consensus reality, there are probabilities in my personal reality that may not be in yours. If you’re twenty, the probability of marriage is huge, maybe 80 – 90% in some cultures.

In my present reality, a 67-year-old gay man in Toronto, the probabilities of marriage are approaching zero, trust me. So the probability of marriage has a very different likelihood in our different realities. So, even though we share a consensus reality, our individual probabilities are different, and unique to ourselves.

I suddenly saw an aerial video of many animals migrating and realized that these murmurations of consciousness were made up of individuals and groups of individuals, each making their own way according to their own preferences and choices.


Red: We must press on to achieve our goal.

Green: Wow, the grass here looks pretty good.

Brown: Really not sure this is the right way to go.

We each move from one probability to another many times every day as our feelings and intentions transform. This powerfully influences others around us and the realities we encounter together.

Suddenly this afternoon, I had a new vision of what an individual personality was. Understanding that we are not our physical bodies is just the first step.

If we take a slice in time/space and call that who we are, it’s a lot more complicated than just a physical body.

Let me see if I can get this straight, we are:

* This present Focal Identity, Ego and a reflected World to suit.
* An individual, sovereign, integrated expression of our whole Self.
* A constantly changing personality.
* Moving towards, and drawing towards ourselves, a unique pattern of possibilities and probabilities selected amongst unlimited others by our particular interests, passions, beliefs, and assumptions.
* And similarly aligned with a particular set of other aspects, focuses, personalities, and various other associated and interested parties.

So not only are our bodies and fingerprints unique, but practically every aspect of our expression here is unique, the things we focus on, the things that move us, and the probabilities that we entertain.

In a way, could we be thought of as paying lip service to the consensus understanding so we can go ahead and indulge ourselves in our own interests and predilections?


Wrapping it up – tonight’s post on Facebook – Oct 6 17

“Certainly, we share consensus probabilities, it’s why we’re all in this together. We also cultivate individual probabilities that reflect our unique interests and inquiries.

Each Part is individuating because the Whole is individuating.”

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