Organizing Our Experiences In New Ways

Tonight Kris talked about organizing our experiences in new ways. We are conditioned to think of our experiences in a linear way, along a timeline from past, through the present, and into the future.

Keeping in mind that this approach to time, as a linear progression and the related concepts of cause and effect, is actually our own invention.

Everything happens in the spacious present and we can organize our experiences any way we want.

Kris suggested that one way to organize our experience, both in this life and in other incarnation or focuses, was around the idea of related meaning and feelings.

He gave the example of one participant in the seminar who works in a printing and copying business and really enjoys it.

He pointed out another focus of this person in ancient times who was excited about the possibilities of cuneiform writing on clay tablets.

And another around the 1500s who was thrilled by the possibilities of widely disseminating the Bible using the Gutenberg printing press.

communication_ Intent

The method of organizing these experiences was around common interests and excitement about the potential of mass communications, which brings them much closer than linear time would suggest.

This is not the first time Kris has talked about this. Back in 2007 during a radio show, Kris described a way of organizing historical events according to the meaning and intent being expressed instead of by date.



It immediately occurred to me that when facing a challenge that seemed overwhelming, I could align myself psychologically with all the episodes in my own life when I successfully met challenges, and also engage other aspects who were rising up to meet their own challenges.

I saw us as a long line of personalities standing together, each made stronger by the association of all the others. A very ‘feel good’ moment.

Originally when I found out that I was a committee of independent personalities, it somehow seemed to diminish who I thought I was. Who’s running the show?

Now I welcome all the other aspects of myself because we can recognize shared challenges and feelings, share resources and have a lot of fun helping each other create what we want.

So it’s not separation and competition but community and cooperation.

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