Multidimensional Connections

There is a very subtle inner turning point that we all go through as we expand our understanding of whom and what we are. Turning a corner within.

Dear Prabhupada, a modern-day saint, started every lecture to new people by assuring them in the most compassionate and heartfelt way that they were not their bodies. This has been the core of our delusion.

The turning point is when we accept that we are more than our physical bodies and what we perceive with our physical senses. As a consequence of this realization, we open ourselves to perceptions and understanding that are sourced beyond any temporal limitations.

This is a life-changing development. Suddenly we start to hear and understand what the world and the universe have been telling us all along, but we were not listening.

In a way, this understanding opens us up to the validity and personal meaning of both our inner worlds, our inner self, and our outer world of physical experience. As Kris stated, ‘The World is not about the World, the World is about You‘.

We start to accept that the insights, dreams, coincidences, visions and all that great subjective stuff, are all totally relevant and important to whatever we are doing in the ‘outside’ world.

This new vantage point on our lives is very helpful in a thousand ways, but the big thing is the connections we start to make with our wider selves and All That Is.

When we expand our perceptions beyond physical evidence, it immediately becomes clear that we are in a very energetic and well-populated place.

Along with the physical world, we now consciously perceive ideas, thoughts, feelings, desires, beliefs, expectations, and on to feeling tones, and idea atmospheres and on and on.

And that’s only the beginning. We also begin to perceive other aspects of ourselves, from our past, from other focuses or incarnations, even from future focuses because time operates differently in this subjective space.

What is so significant and meaningful about all this though, is the connection we feel. This connection easily expands to include other people, societies, past and future, animals, trees, clouds and eventually all of nature.

It doesn’t stop there. When we are attuned to inner and outer perceptions we start to experience a living connection to everything and All That Is.

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