The Real ‘Good News’

We are reclaiming from all the gods and goddesses we have projected outside of ourselves for millennia, the divine powers that form our own inner realities.

In his current workshop, ‘Change Your Universe with the Gifts of the Gods’, Kris is explaining to us how we have projected these divine qualities onto external symbols, often exaggerating these characteristics to catch our attention.

When we endow a god or goddess in our mythologies with eternal life, with the ability to cause things to happen just by decreeing them, with impunity from all the rules of normal human society, and the ability to act from mystical powers and wisdom, we are reminding ourselves of the abilities that are our own.

As Kris pointed out, our powers are so awesome that we can actually convince ourselves that we are powerless, despite all daily evidence to the contrary. And – such is the power of belief – we then encounter a physical reality that seems to confirm all of our worst suspicions.

The understanding that our perception of reality is filtered through our beliefs is life-changing in this regard. It means that the ‘evidence’ that we see in our daily experience is not evidence of any objective truths. It is evidence of what we presently believe to be true and expect to happen – quite a different matter.

The ‘objective’ truth turns out to be a bit of a misnomer. The source and meaning of all realities is SUBjective – any objective expression necessarily takes on the limitations of being ‘something’, and therefore not anything else. It is obviously a partial expression.

The story that everybody is telling today is about how we are deeply conditioned by millennia of acquiescence to beliefs about our powerlessness and inequities. Beliefs about the rightness of political authorities and religious leaders to tell us what is acceptable and what is not.

Kris adds a nice chapter to this story. He describes how we each have a raw, seething power inside us like magma that is looking for any crack in the official facade to burst through and burn up all the old paradigms.

Like a snake that must shed its skin in order to grow, or even survive, we are individually and collectively bursting through the restraints and limitations we have previously accepted.

“Instinctively your nature will shed those paradigms.”

Today’s society seems almost custom designed to press all our buttons and trigger all the shit that we have been trying to avoid forever. There is a reason, and it’s good news.

You may have felt this yourself. Feeling oppressed by the requirement to fit in, be ‘normal’, and do what is expected. Feeling irritated by being sorted, lumped, and judged, to be in only this or that category.

But Kris has some very happy information. When we recognize who we are – our true, original selves – we immediately see ourselves differently and everything is revealed in its true nature.

We see ourselves as an integral part of All That Is. An ambassador or avatar of the divine, serving the ideals of unconditional loving kindness and unlimited creativity.

This innate knowledge cannot be suppressed for long. It has a divine potency that will not be constrained. This is the real good news.

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