Making Friends With The Now – 1

Finding our balance in the now has a huge impact on our quality of life and the choices we offer ourselves.

Recently Alexander, channeled by Alan Aspinall, made a provocative declaration. When we love ourselves and our lives, he suggested, we are in alignment with Source and ATI. This means we are in touch with a tremendous creative potency.

Obviously, if we align our intentions in this way, with All That Is, we become a conscious participant in everything that is happening, and we accept any opportunities to joyfully express these shared intentions.

On the deck just now finishing an imaginary conversation with someone. A ‘Goldberg Variation’ on an actual conversation we had earlier in the day.

I was recalling the original conversation and parts of it seemed to need amplification so I was improvising things that might have been said – on both sides of the conversation.

So I was orchestrating the conversation to suit my present understanding, putting words into the mouth of the other person so I could express myself in the imagined scenario more forcefully than I had in the actual encounter.

At this point, I went through a little mindfulness technique I have been using lately; be present, observe what you are doing, observe the energy you are projecting, make choices aligned with preferences and ideals.

As I went through this little ritual, as I do several times every day, it became clear that I was not present. I was engaged with replaying and editing a conversation that had happened hours earlier.

The mindfulness technique worked and I re-entered the present moment. It was actually kind of a relief to let go of that conversation from the past, slip out of the personas I had been playing with, and come back to being just me, here, now.

As I was relishing being present and noticing my environment again something else came to my attention. I have been noticing lately an increased calmness and a feeling of no pressure of anxiety.

I pondered this lovely development for a few moments and then had a realization. I was, in fact, thinking about the past and how this calmness had been advancing into my everyday experience.

This was a different kind of thinking about the past though. Somehow I was consciously in the present even while observing and pondering this developing peaceful feeling.

Turns out there are (at least) two ways of focusing on the past.

One is to dwell on an incident and get caught up in the feelings, repeatedly going over the interaction, trying to find a better resolution.

The other is to observe, from the somewhat dispassionate vantage point of the spacious present, patterns and trends in our own experiences, without getting involved in re-living or editing any particular ones.

This kind of broader perception of the past is very different from getting caught up in instant replays. It gives us very useful information about who we are becoming.

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