Those Tingly Feelings

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I’ve had those tingly feelings all my life. You know the feelings I’m talking about. When something spooky or wonderful happens and you have this ticklish sensation of tiny prickles or electric tingles that starts spreading over your skin.

Sometimes they are called goosebumps but this tingling is not from cold or fright. It is from some deeply felt realization that comes unannounced and changes our feeling tone.

In my experience, this sensation may start in some part of the body and then expand outwards. Often it starts in my lower back and extends up along my spine. Other times it starts in my hands and moves up my arms.

I have never really understood what this feeling means, although it usually accompanies an insight or sudden new perspective on something wonderful. There is often an element of surprise and pleasure, or often times awe at some new understanding.

This particular feeling has come into focus for me lately because of experiences in Dreamtime. Yesterday, while I was meditating, I visited my ‘home base’ in Dreamtime.

This is a non-physical space I have imagined for myself and it is populated with my totem animals. It is my daily practice to enter into Dreamtime and visit this home base as a starting point for meditative adventures.

One of the more gratifying things I have discovered about repeatedly going into Dreamtime is that it is not a static place. Far from it. My totem animals can appear in almost any form and I recognize them by the feeling tone rather than strictly by physical appearance – even though none of this is remotely physical.

So anyway, yesterday I visited my totem animals in meditation and became particularly aware of my body consciousness totem. This is a recent addition to my Dreamtime menagerie and he appears as a drawing I made after William Blake’s Glad Day.
I recently became aware of the importance of the role of the body consciousness as I was pursuing ways to heal various ailments and it was a quote from Seth that got me thinking.

Seth says that our body consciousness is fully equipped and capable of maintaining the physical body in a balanced and vital condition throughout the entire duration of a focus.

It is our conditioned beliefs that inhibit this natural function because here’s the thing. We may believe that we are only the physical body in this incarnation, but who we really are is eternal, immortal spirit-soul, and our body consciousness knows this.

This means that when we instruct our body consciousness to express disease or weakness based on some acquired beliefs about sickness or decline, our body consciousness, knowing our real identity as the creator of the entire situation, obeys our instructions and becomes sick.

Interesting to note that our body consciousness can, in some ways, be seen as wiser than we are because it recognizes who and what we are more clearly than we do.

So all of this was in the air yesterday in Dreamtime. After a lovely chat confirming that I was releasing the body consciousness from any limiting beliefs so that it could take up its natural functions again, I expressed my gratitude.

“You have SO much to teach me.”

My body consciousness gave me a look and said,

“And you have SO much… to learn!”

I laughed out loud even in my meditative state and that was when the tingles started. They seemed to begin in my left foot but immediately expanded up my leg and through my pelvis.

Even though I was still firmly ensconced in Dreamtime, I could feel this progression throughout my physical body lying on the bed.

I welcomed the feeling as a physical expression of the wonderful encounter with my body consciousness and after a brief pause, the tingles spread through my whole body. The feeling was ecstatic and it brought tears to my eyes.

So it was this morning, in my regular Dreamtime excursion to my home base, after greeting all my totem friends, and after a nice encounter with my body consciousness, that I got the idea of tickling or massaging my body consciousness.

My intent was to repay the kind of pleasure I have been receiving through our encounters. My body consciousness agreed immediately and rolled over on his stomach and I started rubbing and tickling his back.

Guess what? I immediately started feeling tingles in my own back lying on my bed in the physical world. Startled by the immediacy of the connections, I embraced the feeling and it spread through my whole body, not forgetting teary eyes.

So this evening, I was listening to a new piece of music I found on YouTube. It’s a guy playing the piano but the feelings I get from it are wonderful. I have listened to this same short video half a dozen times since I discovered it.

Despacito (Piano Cover) – Peter Bence

Tonight as I was listening to this piece, I felt the familiar tingling in my left leg. Having just had such wonderful experiences with this feeling, I embraced it and sort of gave in to it, in a way. Of course, it then spread out to encompass my whole physical body and the accompanying expansion of feelings was amazing.

Having come to a new agreement with my body consciousness and having consciously released any limiting beliefs and conditioning that might inhibit its natural function, my dear body consciousness has revealed to me the meaning of the tingles and the lovely feelings that accompany them.

It is the natural pleasure and delight of the conscious co-mingling of spirit and flesh.

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