Releasing Our Body Consciousness From Limiting Beliefs

At sixty-seven, an important focus has become, for me, the care and feeding of the physical body. This phraseology comes from the title of a book on my bedside table, The Care And Feeding Of Ideas.

And, indeed, the physical body’s existence is due to an idea that we are holding in our mind as Source. The apparently solid body that we inhabit, that seemingly ages slowly over time, is actually an idea we are projecting into this plane of existence. And the compliant cells, atoms, and units of consciousness that make it up are cycling in and out every nano-second.

This brings us to the body consciousness, that portion of our awareness we have entrusted with managing the physical body for us while we are engaging this dimension.

The idea here is that the body consciousness, as an extension of our own mystical selves, is able to maintain vigorous good health throughout our focus, regardless of any circumstances.

This is all well and good except for one thing. Because of our potency as the creators of all of our experience, what we choose presently to believe about our bodies can override all of this.

If I believe my body will decline with age, my body consciousness cheerfully takes this instruction from me and happily sets aside its own regenerative powers.

This is because the body consciousness can be thought of as a devotee in its relationship with me. In a metaphorical way, I am the deity of my body consciousness and it is an expression of my will, even though, as a living portion of consciousness, it has free will and is as individuated as I am.

So, if I believe in decline with old age, my body consciousness complies totally and presents me with that experience. Because its main job is not to be vigorous and healthy, even though it is equipped to do that easily; its job, ultimately, is to express my will, to express what I am concentrating on and my beliefs.

Bodily healing is now seen as a totally natural and automatic function of the body consciousness. It is very well-designed. There is no need for diets, drugs, or affirmations.

We only need to drop the beliefs and expectations about disease and aging that we carry.

Once unencumbered, our body consciousness can revert to its natural state and rebalancing of any issues can proceed. If we could ask the body how things are going it might say, ‘I’ve got this!‘.

Knowing this is very helpful, but we sometimes need a process, some repetition, some deliberate concentration on our new perceptions.

In the course of all this, I came across a Seth quote that seemed to hit the nail on the head, and I put together a one-pager that describes how to go into Dreamtime to optimize this. This could be a useful practice for 30 days or so to implant the process.

Our Body Heals Itself In Dreamtime.jpg

After trying this exercise for a few day I am happy to report that it is making a difference. Whatever might come up during the day, my attitude is that the body consciousness, unencumbered by my limiting beliefs, is taking care of business.

This is enormously helpful because I can just drop all those physical issues and focus on what I want to be doing, knowing that the body consciousness is expressing its amazing abilities on our behalf and all is well.

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