The Game Is A Foot


Sorry for that one, Sherlock fans. But the thing is that my sore foot plays a central role in this story. Funny thing is that when I am talking to people about how these things work, I will often use the example of a sore foot to represent any physical problem.

The upshot of all this is that I observed first-hand how everything we perceive is connected in meaningful ways.

I saw the ideas and connections in this diagram during my daily visit to Dreamtime this morning, and could hardly wait to record them.

The immediate trigger for this exploration was a pain in my right foot while I was on a walk yesterday. This echoed a severe pain I had last fall walking home from work. Turns out I needed orthotics and after a few weeks, things got back to normal.

At the same time, for whatever reason, I realized that my time working for the bank was coming to an end. Shortly afterward I quit and the experience has been surprisingly liberating.

In another piece, I recall saying that it freed me to take a vow of silence or go to Thailand for a month, among many other things.

This time though, the pain was not nearly so severe. I was visiting Elliot’s Books, a landmark used bookstore here in downtown Toronto for many years, because I had heard they were closing down.

Having a fond little place in my heart for all used bookstores, and for Elliots in particular, I wanted to pay my respects and maybe buy a book or two.

It was while I was pondering the future of the thousands of books in the store, and listening to the elderly owner talk to CBC on the phone about how his taxes have doubled, that I felt this pain in my foot.

Funny how we recognize an old pain when we feel it again. This was the exact pain I felt before I got my orthotics, but it was not nearly as bad as last time.

My response to the pain was to apply the tools I have been learning about lately. Kris has been teaching us about how powerful effortless mindfulness can be. It opens us instantly to oneness with our whole Self.

I have known about Elias’ recipe for being present for years but have been shy about practicing it because, as I see now, it did not seem effortless. It seemed like a to-do list.

Effortless mindfulness adds the piece I needed to actually begin practicing this. So, when the pain hit, we went into effortless mindfulness, as best as we were able.

After waving my butterfly wings and coming into the here and now, there are several succeeding stages in this process.

  • Are we present and accounted for?
  • What are we doing, exactly? What are we feeling exactly?
  • What kind of energy are we projecting?

I acknowledged that we were present and accounted for in a used bookstore on Yonge Street.

What I was doing was having nostalgic thoughts about the end of an era here in downtown Toronto. Not just used bookstores but almost anything that wasn’t a pop-up shop, a fast-food outlet, or a huge condominium.

And what about the energy I was projecting? I was regretfully, but realistically, bidding farewell to a lot of old books, a lot of old memories, a lot of comfortable old associations.

As I look back on it, this seems like a pretty good ‘new age’ kind of feeling to be having. I was honoring the old beliefs and at the same time allowing them to fade away.

It was this mix of ideas that I carried into Dreamtime the next morning. After the usual shenanigans with my source (a huge bear) and several totem animals, I asked the aspect behind the foot pain to step forward.

Here is the amazing thing about going into Dreamtime and understanding who we really are, and our relationship with everything else. We can respectfully and lovingly do ANYthing that we want. Total, dreamy freedom to have fun or take care of business.

The aspect that appeared was striking. He was a hooded figure carrying a walking stick and identified himself as ‘The Traveller’. After acknowledging this wonderful apparition, I thanked him for helping me and asked what the message was behind the foot pain.


The answer was a bit cryptic to me at first. Then I saw an image of this hooded figure with his walking stick, striding along a path. He was vigorous and steadfast and just kept moving forward like a big cat making his rounds, exploring his territory.

Thanking my new friend, and being impressed by this vision of all the connections between various parts of my life lately, I asked, “Is everything connected like this?”

Something glinted from beneath the hood and there was a tiny smile, “You’ll see!”

I wondered whether to include this bit, but it is so charming that I will. The walking stick The Traveller was using immediately reminded me of the pleasure I have enjoyed recently on taking up some of the personality traits and characteristics of Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s detective.

One of the affectations I have adopted from Poirot is using a walking stick when I go out for my daily constitutional. This has allowed me to transform my earlier attitude about going for walks.

Even though I have wanted to walk daily for my health, both mental and physical, and spiritual for that matter, for some time now, I have been unable to muster the will to actually do it regularly.

My conditioning made me feel that unless there was a destination, a purpose, something to buy, whatever… without an objective purpose, going for a walk felt foolish.

So I was thrilled to realize that I could change all that by simply attracting, focusing on, and, to some small degree, becoming some other personality who enjoyed taking ‘purposeless’ walks.

And the final piece to this puzzle, (oh wait, who are we kidding?) is a story I told some friends yesterday morning about my University of Toronto days.

I was in Jeanneret House in the Sir Daniel Wilson Residence for Men, a house that was supposedly full of clever people. One of our members was a math genius – 1/1 all four years in maths.

One night we were sitting in the common room and we heard a big commotion and saw books falling into the moat that surrounded our building. Lots of big books.

We all rushed up to see what was happening and found our math genius sitting solemnly in his room before his empty bookcases and open window.

“I have decided from now on, I am going to figure everything out from first principles.”

Pulling some of this together, I can see that it is time to put away a lot of old ideas about who I am and how the world works and step out confidently, in this present moment, into who I really am and how the world really works.

I feel very good going forward. It turns out that every single darn thing in my life is connected and trying to expand and enrich my awareness.

The First Principles of Consciousness might be:

  • I am eternal, immortal Spirit Soul
  • Full of wisdom and bliss
  • Unique, sovereign, and endlessly endowed
  • Overflowing with loving kindness

Some others might be:

  • Limitless – except as desired
  • Potent, creative, artistic, accomplished
  • Modest, subtle, sensitive, discreet

I almost feel that I could walk out into the world now and just keep traveling. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every day I found whatever was needed, food, engagement with kind folks, lodging and whatever else?

I think this could work, but it would be a crash course in being present and mindful that I don’t feel I’m ready for. Something like a day-trip to Niagara Falls is starting to look feasible though.

There are lots of kinds of travel.

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