The Spectacular Benefits Of Having A Totem Animal

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Having an animal totem can be a really helpful addition to our everyday lives. I am just basking in the joys of achieving an objective by calling on the assistance of my own animal totem.

Kris has recently given a course on becoming an Urban Shaman and Mystic and part of that course was discovering our own totem animal.

The background here is that Kris was using the ideas of shamanism to symbolize our own abilities to transform any difficult situation by going within and engaging other powerful aspects of ourselves.

During the seminar, I came up with the fox as my totem animal and we have developed quite a wonderful relationship since that time.

To be clear, this exercise establishes a link with some aspect of ourselves that we feel both; removed enough from, and affectionate enough for, to endow with our trust and also with powers that we do not feel we can presently express ourselves.

After a couple of months of interaction, the fox and I have worked out a companionable understanding. It has become clear that I have endowed this charming aspect with wonderful powers.

Often, over the past weeks, I have called on the fox to sort out some situation that is baffling me. This can be anything from getting my WiFi to work, to sorting something out with the phone company.

Today’s adventure with the fox was so immediate and direct that I wanted to record it.

Over the last number of weeks, maybe longer, I have been more and more unhappy with the quality of sound from my earbuds. Specifically, it is not loud enough.


My denial of the idea that my hearing might be fading certainly could have played a part in this going on so long, but at a certain point, I just couldn’t hear a phone call or a conference call on Skype.

Feeling frustrated by this turn of events, I called on my fox to sort things out. I have long since given up any shyness about asking fox to figure these things out for me. He is always eager as a dog, waiting for me to throw the ball.

I set this all aside and went on with my busy day. Around mid-afternoon, I was napping and musing about things, and an image started to play in my head.

Without summoning this in any way, I found myself watching myself use a Q-tip to clean the part of the earbud that goes into the ear with rubbing alcohol.


This struck me as a very workable remedy, but there were things I had to get done in the afternoon and I forgot about it. Later when I was going to listen to music, I recalled the idea and put it into action.

It seemed to work very well. The waxy look of the little speakers was removed completely and the rubbing alcohol dried instantly. The odd thing was how dark the Q-tip became. Why would it be black?

And, you guessed it, suddenly the music was loud again. I could actually move the volume up to a level that was uncomfortable. Before it was barely a whisper.

Looking inward, I caught my fox looking like this…

Screenshot 2017-07-26 21.24.35

Thanks fox!

2 thoughts on “The Spectacular Benefits Of Having A Totem Animal

  1. My totem is the Scarab, or dung beetle. It has appeared in my dreams for years, and has carried me during deep shamanic journeys. Do I shrink to its size or does it grow to mine? I do not call it, it finds me. In life, it uses the Milky Way, the sun, and other celestial bodies to determine its path. The insect that pushes dung is directed by the cosmos. I find that mystical.

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    • Mystical indeed! Thanks for the comment, Libby. I am wondering if you have ever asked your Scarab for help with something? And I love the idea of who gets bigger and who gets smaller. Sometimes when I am playing with the fox I make myself smaller (or him bigger?) so we can have more fun.


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