Just Passing Through


Journey Journal: Present attitude: Enroute to parsec 307/419: Progress: 67%
Local Time: Early 21st century: Probabilities available: 97%
Source Event: Shift in Consciousness: Progress: 52%

Just passing through this lovely little galaxy and our attention was drawn to its unique reality system. A fair amount of hubbub and effervescent energy made it light up pretty good on our instruments so we slowed down to take a look.

Feeling like it was time for a pit-stop anyway, it was easy to justify pulling in and checking out the joint. And on the way in it became clear that this scintillating display was being enjoyed by many, many other entities.

All very interesting, but I was mainly focused on a double cheeseburger and fries – the signature dish of this plane of existence – and maybe some downtime in the mountains of Tibet, which is what came up when we punched up ‘Earth’ as our holiday destination on G∞gle.

As I started to research and engage the various worldviews of the system, it got more and more interesting. This gestalt of consciousness has chosen a very unusual set of parameters for their unique brand of reality creation.

Basically, when an entity incarnates into this system there is an agreement made. The focal personality will feel absolutely separated from the whole self and, at the same time, have the ability to subconsciously transform consciousness into a 3D expression so startlingly ‘real’ that it is almost bewitching.

After some consideration, I decided to incarnate into this system to experience the unique flavor of reality creation being offered. This is not our first rodeo though, so rest assured, we will not fall prey to this silly delusion of separation that has been taken up by most of the inhabitants here.

We are essence after all, and not susceptible to these kinds of foolish illusions.

To be continued…

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