Getting Over The Hump Of A New Belief

Here’s the tricky bit for some of us. That ‘in between’ period when we truly believe something new, but it has not yet shown up in our experience.

Present circumstances are so intense and immediate that the temptation is very strong to second guess, justify, make excuses, or otherwise question and maybe even give up on the new understanding, but as Abraham says, we should never ‘face reality’.

This is actually a way to protect ourselves from daring too greatly. If we don’t really believe, and we aren’t really trying, we can’t really fail, can we?

But because of how we have configured time and space in this reality, things take time. Everything is a process including changing beliefs.

So there is often a lag between accepting a new belief and noticing it’s reflection in our experience. We cannot change this because we agreed to these constraints as part of creating this system. So what to do during this lag?

For me lately, what has worked pretty well is to accept whatever the present moment is offering, even though it may reflect an old belief that we feel we have released.

And at the same time, we acknowledge and affirm our right to express our preferences and ideals along with our new understanding about our situation.

We are stepping back and perceiving the larger context of the terrain we are traversing, the adventure we are having, and aligning ourselves with this broader expression of ourselves.

And it’s not just shining ideals we are considering here. We are perfectly justified, compelled even from a wider perspective, to choose our preferences. Yes!

It’s not just what we need, but also what we want. By choosing what we want mindfully, we open ourselves to recognizing and receiving what we need.

It’s has been very rare for us to give any credence to miracles in outward three-dimensional reality. But we can’t fail to notice, if we are paying the least bit of attention, that miracles are happening all the time inwardly.

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