Consider The Possibilities

Tonight as I was sitting down to write something I had a brief vision in response to something I happened to be thinking.

I had planned to use my electric massager the last time I got up to refresh my beverage and use the facilities. But I had forgotten about it until I was getting ready to sit back down.

Making the best of the situation, I put my attention on my neck and shoulders, where I usually store tension and suggested that we all relax a little bit and let go.

Immediately I saw my seal, a new totem animal, wrap its flexible body around my neck and offer support. I was so delighted to encounter my friend in this way that the tension became a non-issue.

What was wonderful was that this sweet aspect of myself whose acquaintance we had made only recently in Dreamtime, this new friend found a way to emerge into my normal waking awareness and offer support.

Now here is the interesting part. I first encountered my friend the seal when I was asking for help with the tension and pain involved with my neck and shoulders.

What appeared was this black shape draped around my neck that had a very rigid feeling to it. It looked like a congealed mass of darkness with no life.

As I asked for help with this apparition, the shape turned into a seal that lifted his head and looked at me. He jumped down and we made our acquaintances.

What struck me immediately about my new friend was how amazingly supple and flexible he was. We went swimming, of course, and it was wonderful to see how playful and spontaneous we could be in the water.

Of course, the relationship between this suppleness and flexibility and my neck and shoulder tension is clear. That is why it was so wonderful to accept the help of my new friend. He knows tension, and how to release it!

Stepping back, we can see the possibility of making friends with all aspects of consciousness that we encounter, and discovering and celebrating their inner qualities and gifts.

Consider the possibilities!

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