You Are Not Your Personality


Great session tonight with the wonderful Deep Self gang.

One thing Kris said that hit me very strongly; we are not our personality. He went on to say that identification with the personality is the cause of most problems.

I was quite struck by this idea for several reasons. I have known that I am not my physical body for years now. Let’s think of it as detachment 101.

I have learned that I am not my mind, my emotions, my past or even my future. I encompass all of this and so much more. So we have detachment 201 and 301.

You are more than the sum of your parts’ is something Kris has been saying for years now. It is only now that it has hit me that we are not our personality. 401!

This makes sense to me, of course, because I have been in the process of identifying and giving expression to new personality traits. And it’s working!

The whole Poirot thing is me adopting the personality traits that I find attractive in this fictional detective. And this is working out very nicely. These daily meditative walks with my walking stick, for instance, are directly attributable.

It follows, of course, that if I can add new qualities to my present personality, then I am not that personality. I’m the one adding new qualities to it.

The amazing gift for rationalization and over-the-eyes wool-pulling in the human species is my only excuse for not seeing this before.

But the consequences of this understanding are immense! If I am not my present personality then I am off the hook, existentially speaking, for identifying with the qualities, and choices, and effects of that personality. Not me ultimately, but the personality I have chosen for this moment.

In a way, it is like realizing that the costume and mannerisms, and tone of voice, and even the words said by an actor on the stage are choices that have been scripted, and they are all dropped unceremoniously when we get together for drinks and dinner after the show.

This means that my tendency to have a dusty apartment, for instance, which I have always felt the need to defend, or defiantly not defend, this personality characteristic is not me and needs no identification or defense.

My tendency over decades to view myself as ‘not a normal person’, and all that this has entailed in my subsequent experience, this is not me and needs no excavation or justification.

I suppose in one sense this may have just changed though. Before I understood the nature of my personality, we could view its structure as an accident or an Act of God. No responsibility of my own.

Now that I know that my present personality is not who I am and that I have the ability to make choices about which personality traits to incorporate and express. Well, this starts to look like something I will have to be taking responsibility for going forward.

Worth it though.

Imagine engaging this world with a personality we have consciously tuned to make the best of any situation and that we have empowered to commune easily with Source and Deep Self whenever needed or desired.

I’ll take two!


One thought on “You Are Not Your Personality

  1. Absolutely correct. Basically, we adopted our personality for the sake of sanity. It is a myth which comprises a source of value for our Psyche due to its being impacted by the Innate Void we enter this earthly sphere with. The message of that Void, IE its significance, reason for its being there, within is assuaged, reduced by silence afforded by the charade we substitute for it. Thank you for such a great post. Sincerely; MAO


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