Picking Up The Thread Of The Now

The now is an interesting concept, always the same in one sense but also always changing.

A friend and I used to joke about what we were supposed to do after we had applied all the techniques and had gotten into ‘the now’. What the heck were we supposed to do now?

Now, not to put too fine a point on it, that was some time ago and a little richer understanding of the possibilities that might open themselves up to us in the now has emerged.

Of course, epistemologically or whatever, we can never NOT be in the now, but we have ingeniously created a whole lot of ways to limit our engagement with the ‘now’ and mute the brilliance and intensity of simply being present in our point of power.

We honor the past, of course, and prudently plan for the future, naturally. These are a reasonable and meaningful expression in a world of time, space and causality.

But we have magnified these natural expressions to the point that we often wallow in the past, drenching ourselves in all the pain and frustration.

And we allow ourselves to worry obsessively about the future to the point of compulsively imagining the worst.

Because we get what we concentrate on, this naturally creates all kinds of experiences we would rather not have.

It turns out the now is very fertile ground indeed. Engaging the now means engaging ourselves and the universe in a living, evolving, symbiotic exchange and collaboration.

In essence, we are playing constantly with ourselves and when we pick up the thread of the now and flow with it, we become aware of so much more!

We are talking multi-layered amazingness here that celebrates and illuminates our present evolving worldviews and, at the same time, offers as practical possibilities undreamt of options and probabilities.

I think the now, or the spacious present, is where we’re all going to end up, and it will be great to see everybody. We’re all in this together now.

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