Walking Mindfulness Meditation

Using fiction, imagination, and mythology to invoke helpful new aspects of our persona.

Just got back from my first ‘mindfulness walk’.

I have been looking for a way to incorporate a daily walk into my schedule for health reasons. My problem has been that I find it difficult to go for a walk just for the sake of going for a walk. I want a purpose, a destination, something to buy or someone to see. Something.

What has happened is that this desire has awakened several streams of information and perception in support of my actually doing this.

I know that all probabilities are before us and all we have to do is choose the one we want, but for me, some probabilities seem less probable than others.

So if I were to depend on my own habits and present attitude, going for a daily walk without any destination or purpose was not very probable at all.

But I am beginning to respect the ability of a desire to find a way through all my conditioning and present me with the practical possibility of achieving it.

And this is what has happened. I have been following several different streams of interest, or lines of inquiry seemingly quite unrelated to this desire, and today they have all culminated in my experiencing it.

I have been enjoying Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and resonate with his character. He is very smart but not in a conventional way. He is very pernickety about his habits and has his own way of doing things.

He also takes little steps like I do and uses a walking stick, even though he is in good health. And he presents a dapper, portly figure who always dresses impeccably.

This is not to mention, of course, his little mustache that punctuates his face like odd little parentheses.

Let’s leave aside the impeccable outfits for the moment. All the rest seems very suitable to my new persona, not least because much of it already exists in me, at least in seed form.

The second stream of interest is my long admiration for how English writers like Dickens, Darwin, and many others arranged their days. I must have a focus there.

They would start early and write diligently for several hours every morning. After lunch they would go for a good long walk, brandishing their walking sticks and pondering the imponderables, or conversing vigorously with their like-minded walking companion.

A nap before dinner, maybe a bath, and an evening relaxing with friends and family rounded out their day.
Screenshot 2017-07-03 19.53.42.png

The third thread is Kris’ recent focus on mindfulness where we deliberately enter the spacious present and open ourselves up to spontaneous connections and information from other aspects of ourselves, Source Self and even the Deep Self.

Mindfulness 2

This all came together today as I decided it might be fun to go for a walk in my English gentleman/Poirot persona.

I picked up the walking stick I got last winter for navigating icy sidewalks. This will do until I can get a proper gentleman’s cane.

And we set out on a forty-minute stroll through the neighborhood taking as our meditation seed this morning’s Kris Quote.

Screenshot 2017-07-03 21.04.37
The idea was to ponder the quote in the context of a walking meditation, being careful to be mindful of the environment, other people, my own thoughts, feelings and imaginings and anything else that might show up.

Back just now and it feels very good to have done this. This could become a very pleasant daily activity. The experience was nothing like the healthful walks I have taken before.

I stopped, I pondered, I poked things with my stick. I mused about the meaning of the Phoenix from many different points of view. It was not pointless.

It was a revelation. I realized that the parts of myself that were burning to ash were my outdated conditioning and limiting beliefs about myself.

What we burn away as the Phoenix energy is our old self, and what rises from these ashes are newly revitalized expressions ready for who we are becoming.

So will we go on a walk tomorrow? Has this wonderful experience been enough to seed tomorrow and the days after that with something similar?

You betcha! Can’t wait to see what the Kris Quote will be tomorrow, as that will be the focus of our walking and pondering.

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