Spooky Serendipitous Pattern Emerges


I got some nice responses on Facebook to a photo of the Morning Glories on the back deck. A cool and wet Spring has resulted in a lot of very healthy and vibrant plants beginning their climb up the trellises.

This got me thinking about my earlier experiences of growing this lovely flower and the pictures I had taken in years past.

So I went on a lovely journey through my photos back to May of last year and the years before. The montage is the result of this exploration. I have been taking pictures of this pot, at this time of year, for at least the last three years.

This is all perfectly legitimate and understandable and it demonstrates that I like Morning Glories and taking pictures.

But then something spooky showed up. Yesterday I bought a pair of walking shoes as a way of affirming that I intend to walk every day as part of my new life as a retired but still active, older writer/gentleman.

The spooky thing was that while looking for the old pictures of the Morning Glories, I came upon this shot from almost exactly a year ago.


Needless to say, these are the exact shoes I just bought. Except I paid more for them!

This is the shoe I bought yesterday.


It’s not the increase in price that is amazing to me, although that seems worthy of consideration. What is amazing to me is how seasonal and similar my interests are!

Last May I checked out the exact pair of shoes that I just bought now, a year later. I am thinking that a review of the pics I have taken and the stuff I have written might be very revealing.

And it’s not just about footwear! What ideas do I get at particular times of the year? What ailments? What are the other patterns that I regularly re-enact with the changing seasons and what does that say about my expectations and beliefs?

Now about that price change. That is an almost thirty percent increase in just a year. I should have bought the shoes last year!

Oh well, the lesson to review the images we have made and the writing we have done looking for these kinds of patterns is likely worth a few bucks.

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