The Road Ahead


Thinking these days about the road ahead. I just quit my job of ten years at a bank and didn’t expect the feelings of freedom and release that came.

It was almost a ‘no more excuses’ kind of thing. This job was my last formal responsibility in the consensus reality. And oddly, it was the longest job I ever had — from 57 to 67 years of age.

In my new reality, I no longer have to reserve time and consideration for this commitment. Without realizing it, I had been setting aside my own particular and ever-changing wishes in order to be dependably available and fulfill my commitment to the bank.

No more! I can travel now, or go on retreats or courses. I could go to Thailand for a month or take a vow of silence. I could dye my hair orange and have my eyes done.

While all of these things are possible, what appeals to me most is envisioning the road ahead. I can sense long mornings on the back deck pondering the glories of bugs.

I see an integration of Dreamtime into daily life that makes practically anything possible within the matrix of this focus and our consensus reality.

I see powerful connection and sharing of delicious tidbits of understanding with a host of friends and companions in this dimension and even in others.

I see gradual acceptance and generation of increased physical strength and vitality that makes just being alive in this physical world a very special delight.

I see the emergence within my focal consciousness of huge archetypes of wisdom, compassion, sharing, nurturing, and simple, potent joy in just being.

The road ahead looks wonderful and I can’t wait to get started. A few years ago, I got talking to an older gent on a streetcar. He explained to me that his daily routine was to get on any streetcar and ride it both ways as far as it went. As a senior, this would cost about $2 roundtrip.

He did this daily with various different streetcars and really enjoyed the experience of continually seeing the changes in the city and chatting with new people.

I am feeling like that about the road ahead. Every morning I get on the streetcar of my day and enjoy the view as we roll through my evolving states of mind, and we especially enjoy chatting with fellow passengers on the way.

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