Cultivating Awareness of Dreamtime


Kris recently pointed out that we are all capable of being conscious of two or more ‘states of mind’ or universes, as he has equated these ideas. Our state of mind is our present experience and perception of our reality, our universe.

Our present understanding of who we are is a singular, uniquely focused and more or less coherent worldview. Kris has lately been at pains to point out that we have access to a huge array of worldviews, basically ANY worldview.

He talked to one participant Monday night about his interest and resonance with Jane Robert’s ‘The After-death Journal of an American Philosopher’ featuring the worldview of William James. He suggested a connection around the ideas of grace and the ‘supportive and loving presence’ described in that book.

In an earlier seminar, Kris explained that we can open ourselves up to other worldviews by becoming aware of our consciousness in Dreamtime.

“KRIS: The mere action of redirecting your thoughts, into even a small slice of Dreamtime while you are still physically focused and directed, can trigger a very nice, and we use the word very liberally, a very nice “flow” of information, of data, of knowledge.

Now some people may be in the very midst of that flow, that information, that knowledge coursing through their veins, through the cells of their bodies, their very thoughts, and ideas. But since they are not directing their focus with any knowledge of such things, those deeper interactions go unnoticed.

And they may never suspect that they are indeed in direct communication with Self, with Source, with the Universe through the auspices of even that tiny sliver of attention to Dreamtime and flow.”

~Kris The Power Of The Phoenix and Reality Creation #1 – January 9, 2017

My New Exercise In Awareness

These ideas have given me my new technique to play with as I go through my day. I imagine every time I think of it, how whatever is happening for me now looks like from the perspective of Dreamtime.

I have been doing this for only a couple of days now, but the payoffs have been numerous and fun. And it’s not that difficult to straddle a couple of worldviews simultaneously.

At one point I recalled that physical life could be thought of as a reflection of inner activity, so I imagined a mirror self in Dreamtime mimicking my every move, like the dog in the illustration above.

So from time to time, I would see myself walking along and also see my upside-down dream body walking along beneath me, our feet touching with every step.

Except my dream self could see all the non-physical components of what I was negotiating as the focal self. As the dream self, I could see the ideas and beliefs and conditioning that I was dealing with as the focal self.

The benefit of this dual consciousness was that I could much more easily recognize, release, and disregard the beliefs and conditioning that I was starting to move beyond.

Whenever I judged somebody or saw an advertisement, had an anxious thought, or whatever, the dream self would dispassionately observe the situation, the beliefs and ideas, and the associations I was making, and instantly see through them all to highlight what I actually wanted to do moving forward.

Apparently Source Self is simultaneously aware of all of its focuses, who may be uncounted in number. For me, this is a bracing thought.

But the baby steps of becoming aware of my focal experiences here in the physical world, while also being aware at the same time of my perspective on all this in Dreamtime is quite illumining enough for now.

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