What Don’t You Believe About Yourself?


We are mostly familiar with the idea that what we believe about ourselves inwardly is reflected in our outer experience of life. All the ‘dead guys’ say this in different ways; The Law of Attraction, you create your own reality, you get what you concentrate on, etc.

Taking this idea to heart means that we start to understand that the experiences we have outwardly in this physical life are all symbolic reflections of our inner beliefs and expectations about ourselves – who and what we are, and how the world works.

Many of the channeled Sources have pointed out that whenever we want to better understand our inner beliefs and relationship with our Self, we have only to look around us at the experiences we are having in the world.

Recently Kris has added an interesting layer to this idea by suggesting we notice what we do NOT believe about our Selves…

“Because if you examine the nature of the beliefs that you hold, you may notice at times that there are things that you believe in. And it may go completely unnoticed that there are things that you choose not to believe in.

So these two particular states are more or less different sides of a coin. And it is to your advantage to regularly examine both those things that you believe in, and those things that you have chosen not to believe in, in order to assess what kind of reality you are creating.”

KRIS – The Deep Self – #1 – June 12, 2017

What are the things in your life that you want, but they just never seem to show up? What doesn’t seem possible, or feasible, or practical, or economic for you as you attempt to negotiate your world?

What are the qualities of the world you think are missing, or too rare, or not possible to reach and maintain?

Just as we can examine our experience of the world to learn about what we think about ourselves, we can also examine that same world and observe what is missing that we desire. This shows us very clearly what we are not believing or trusting about ourselves.

Do you desire peace but rarely experience it? Would you like to see more justice and fairness in the world? Is achieving and maintaining an exalted state of awareness seemingly beyond your reach?

Noticing those aspects that are missing in our world points us very plainly to what we have chosen NOT to believe about ourselves.

What we don’t believe about ourselves is responsible for the things that are missing in our experience of the world.

This suggests that it is helpful not only to weed out the beliefs that are no longer serving us, but to recognize and restore the empowering beliefs that we have been neglecting.

I am reminded of a quote that most of the Sources I know have repeated in one way or another. ‘The Self is not limited in any way except by your own acceptance of limitations.

If I am not limited in any way then I choose to believe…

I am okay and the world is okay
I am capable of handling anything
I am at peace with myself and the world
I am unique, worthy, significant and connected
I am loving and gentle
I am joyful and delighted and a bit mischievous

Image: I borrowed this from Serge Grandbois.

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