We Seem To Be Eating Fish


As I observe my life, and in particular my eating habits, it has become clear that we are starting to eat fish.

As a vegetarian for a number of years, this is noteworthy because fish are not vegetables. I know that some say in jest that chickens are fast moving vegetables but that is only a joke.

No only are fish not vegetables, but Kris has helped us to see, in his recent Murmurations seminar, that even these tiny fish are each Spirit Souls, and the way they move together, as a school in a flashing display is a spectacular demonstration of how an individual identity can join with many others to create a new gestalt of identity, or consciousness, that is then capable of entirely new and delightful actions.

I can’t help recall a Vedic story where some devotees of Prabhupada were swimming and they saw a dead fish floating in the water. They joked, kind of derisively, that they should take it to another group that allowed fish eating, for their lunch.

Certainly there are issues around eating the flesh of another being’s discarded physical body. And our culpability in the reasons it may have decided to vacate its body cannot be minimized.

At the same time though, the eternal and joyous truth is that we are all eternally blessed beings. And not just eternal, but full of knowledge and bliss.

It remains true that killing another being, or forcing it to vacate its current bodily apartment here in the physical, as Probhupada describes it, is an imposition and even a kind of violence.

Again, looking back to the rich field of the Vedas, I am reminded of the beings who wait below the higher planets and consume the discarded bodies of beings whose time in these abodes is spent.

Everything is utilized and nothing is wasted, either materially of spiritually.

I have actually spent some time acknowledging the darling little sprats who’s bodies I am eating. It was my memory of how delicious smoked sprats were that prompted me to go beyond vegetarianism.

I see them flowing through me as a murmuration of consciousness, allowing me to join them in an ever-expanding expression of sharing and love.

Some day, when I have abandoned it as no longer fulfilling my emerging needs, other beings will incorporate my present physical body and derive pleasure and sustenance. More power to them.

And on it goes…

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