The Past Can Not Define Us


In the first ‘Deep Self’ session, Kris made an impassioned request. Get together and talk and share the implications of the ideas we covered.

He doesn’t often ask us to do things specifically, but he also ended the session by suggesting we choose someone to do the summary.

In fact, Alan said he noticed a different tone or accent, maybe Scottish?

What I noticed was a very direct and heartfelt presentation of the options before us and an almost urgent plea to release limiting beliefs and take action to actualize what we wanted and valued – loved really.

Towards the end of the session, Kris suggested that we get together online or however, and share our experience and understanding of the ideas presented.

Kris suggested a special focus on the idea that we are not limited or defined by our past.

His point was that when we consider simultaneous time and our multiple reincarnations or aspects all happening at the same time, our ideas of linear time and causality were unnecessarily limiting our understanding.

The consequences of applying the idea of the spacious present to our everyday life can certainly be a bit disruptive, but it can also be liberating.

What if what you did yesterday does not define you, or what can happen for you today? What if what you may do in the future also does not define you or limit you. As Spirit Soul we are not defined or limited by anything we are doing, have done, or will ever do.

What if your name, gender, nationality, occupation, home, mate, and offspring — not to mention your parents and upbringing — what if all of this did NOT define who you are and did NOT limit your present choices? Whoa!

This can be thought of as pretty disruptive idea technology. The freedom and possibilities opening up for us here are, in fact, breathtaking.

What if what you thought about your neighbor yesterday, and let’s face it, for quite a while now, what if all your previous interactions with your neighbor did not define either of you, and you can each choose anything else that you might fancy for your next encounter?

This is a radical thought that threatens the very foundation of modern ideas of who we are, how the world works and brings into question our beliefs about what we are NOT capable of.

So instead of running an old program we have been complaining about for years, let’s say we create a new story about who we are and what might be possible for us in this moment, never mind what may have happened ‘before’.

Let’s choose a new compass for our aspirations and expectations, based on a deeper understanding of our capabilities and the dear and dependable flow of consciousness.

Pretend the story of your life is a fairy tale or myth, and the hero or heroine, the god or goddess, the wise man or the fool, all come to a sweet and happy resolution by mystical and magical means we are only starting to understand are possible.


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