Tools and Resources Available Now


I subscribe to Kris Quotes and every once in a while one of them hits me right between the eyes. There was one earlier this week that has got me thinking about it for several days. It’s about the tools and resources we have as spiritual human beings.

KRIS: Indeed then, we encourage you again, to play with the magic and the power that is exclusively available to you through the tools and resources known as your imagination, your expectations, your attitudes, your mindsets, your beliefs. These are all magnificent expressions of All That Is for your use. And with that we return Joseph to your lovely magical selves.

~Kris – The Garden of Mindfulness #7 – August 22, 2016

What struck me was the items Kris enumerated as our tools and resources.

In a mundane sense, I think of my tools and resources here in the physical world as; my body, the time I have to do things, my money and influence, my knowledge and experience and a host of other tools and resources, as I usually think of them.

If I am thinking transcendentally, spiritually, my resources are; my Source Self, my other reincarnational aspects, inner senses, telepathy, precognition, intuition, inspiration, and etc.

Kris mentions none of these things. The ‘magnificent expressions of All That Is’ that comprise our present tools and resources are; imagination, expectation, mindset, and beliefs.

I have not really been thinking of these things as tools and resources for reality creation, but the truth of this is undeniable. It is with my present and (increasingly) conscious use of my imagination, expectation, mind set and beliefs that I form my experiences of reality.

As I look back at my original assumption about what my reality creation resources were, I see that none of them are under my immediate, conscious control. I can’t presently, consciously access my Source, other aspects, inner senses, intuition or whatever.

I believe these are all bona fide and helpful parts of myself, but I am not able to access them directly from my present stance as a focal personality.

However, I can absolutely access my imagination from my present point of view, as well as my expectations, state of mind, ideas and ideals, and I’m even starting to get the hang of making adjustments to my beliefs.

So the quote points out the tools and resources available to me here and now in my present state of understanding. Very helpful.

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