Choosing Personality Characteristics

What if you could bypass all this shit about trying to sort things out by changing your beliefs, and just start having the experiences you want?

Well, I feel that I may have discovered just such a thing.

The various processes available for changing beliefs certainly do work, mark my words, but maybe in a piecemeal fashion that may sometimes be missing an organic core. Hm?

This is my discovery. That core can be the personality traits that we want to express. Kris has frequently explained to us that the vast bank of personality traits and characteristics is always available to us, and we are free to choose whatever suits.

Six months ago I adopted the mantle of being a ‘writer’ in this present expression of my personality.

Turns out that being a writer carries with it a whole system of beliefs; about language, communications, stories and their structure and potential, the glory of words, and etc.

All of these beliefs, and sensitivities, and appreciations just started to appear when I acknowledged that I was now a writer. In fact, it eventually became clear that I have always been a writer.

This is the heart of what I am expressing here. If we want to change something in our present experience of life, we can work to change our beliefs by so many different methods, and many may work to some extent.

But the easy way is to choose, accept, and own, a desired personality characteristic, and then allow the associated and supporting resources and beliefs to naturally emerge in our understanding.

So, whatever the situation, we’ve got this.

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