Cooperating with the Universe as an Expression of Self

I asked my Source Self this morning in Dreamtime to help me to understand how to cooperate with the Universe.

The ideas behind this are these:

–  The Universe, as I perceive it, is a faithful and compassionate reflection of my own inner states and processes.

–  I project the Universe in this way to help me understand what is going on inside me.

–  The messages of the Universe are expressed symbolically and metaphorically with an emphasis on feeling tones.

Understanding this, it seems relevant to find a way to cooperate with the Universe as a symbolic, meaningful, and helpful expression of my whole Self.

This cooperative attitude towards the Universe is not so common these days though. For many of us it is more familiar to judge and oppose our experiences of our Universe, and to deny any meaningfulness at all, let alone meaning that is specifically focused on our own individual issues.

In this view, the Universe is basically almost random and mostly meaningless. Kind of cold actually.

The wonderful thing about coincidences, deja vu, sychronicities, and unexpectedly meeting someone in the grocery story you were thinking about moments before, is that these experiences totally contradict the random and meaningless theory.

We are in an unending dialogue with the Universe and these kinds of experiences hint at the underlying connectivity and relevance of every moment and every experience.

Okay, so given that the Universe is as described, a living and meaningful reflection outwardly of our inner understanding and processes, how can we work with this?

How can we consciously cooperate with the Universe?

After pondering this for a number of days, I have come up with a few ideas.

Cooperating With The Universe

* Be here and now.
* Pay careful and considerate attention to what you are doing, and what is   happening around and within you.
* Acknowledge and respond to insights and impulses.
* Choose what you prefer without judgement.
* Enjoy!

I have been trying this and it’s interesting. I am noticing that often in the past I would judge or regret, or even deny something that was actively happening in front of me.

’Noooooooo!’ is what comes to mind.

As I try out this idea of cooperating with the Universe, these same kinds of events are seen in a new light.

Maybe when I can’t do what I was trying to do, that’s meaningful feedback from the Universe. Maybe it’s information and guidance about what I am attempting to do.

Maybe when something seemingly random happens that I don’t like, my Universe is pointing out symbolically some conflict or incongruence in my inner understanding of who and what I am.

What conflicting beliefs or limiting understanding needs my attention presently?

This seems a good approach. It’s a beginning anyway. I am going to try this for a few days and get back to you.

Talk soon…

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