Neutralizing Tap


Kris recently suggested that we revisit this technique that he introduced last fall in the Personal Empowerment workshop.

Neutralizing Tap

We all get triggered from time to time by some event or circumstance that pushes our buttons, and we go into reactive mode. This reaction is mostly based on past conditioning – running old programs that we already know don’t accomplish what we want.

Kris showed us a tapping technique similar to the tapping found in EFT but with a different purpose. By tapping in a sequence of eight points around the head we short-circuit our pre-programmed reactive mode and move to a neutral psychological space.

From this slightly detached vantage point, we are able to clearly see the options that will take us where we want to go – peace of mind, relaxation, allowance, compassion and loving kindness.

The image above shows the location of the points. We start by tapping a few times on the inner eyebrow of the right eye, and then go from point to point around the head, finishing on the same point on the left eyebrow. We can tap ourselves or we can, with permission, tap other people.

People have reported interesting results from doing this, some subtle and some dramatic. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the person doing the tapping, or being tapped, understands or believes any of this, it still seems to have an effect.

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