Consciously Altering Beliefs

As we get a better understanding of the importance of beliefs in how we create our reality, it becomes important to understand how beliefs change.

If there is something in my reality that I don’t much like, and I know it is based on a belief that I hold, how to change that belief emerges as an issue.

In today’s Kris Quote he includes this phrase that got me thinking again about all this, ‘…you can see, understand, and eventually consciously alter your beliefs’.

This seems to be the crux of the situation. Understanding that beliefs are changing all the time in the natural flow of our engagement with reality is all very well.

But sometimes I want to experience something quite different from the reality I am presently creating, and knowing how to change the appropriate beliefs would be very helpful.

If I can learn to consciously alter my beliefs this seems like the keys to the magical kingdom. It means that I could adjust my beliefs ‘on the go’ to optimize my pleasure, fulfillment, satisfaction.

So after posting that quote and musing about the idea, I entered Dreamtime in my usual morning meditation and asked Source Self, who expresses herself as a big friendly bear, to help me understand how to change my beliefs.

The whole thing was basically put to rest for a while as I went about my morning chores. And as I was coming home from getting my hair cut, I met a neighbour from across the street.

This lovely lady, who is about my age, playfully pointed out that she was wearing peddle pushers, or what they call Capri pants that end below the knee and she was wearing sandals with no socks!

This was a bit daring because the weather had only just turned warm and I told her of my rule that once I put my shorts on, I could not go back to long pants until the fall, even if it got chilly.

Oh, is that your rule?’ she said, laughing.

Yes, but since it’s my rule I guess I can change it!’, I said.

We laughed and I went on my way, but fortunately there was some part of me with the self-composure to notice that this was the answer to my question.

Since I am the guy who chose and empowered these beliefs, I naturally possess the power to change them or choose something else.

It could be as simple as saying, ‘Oh, that’s not what I want anymore, lets go this way.

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