Smoked Sprats And Indra’s Net

Not long ago I had an impulse to buy some sardines. I was cruising down the aisle of my local Loblaws and noticed some fancy sardines on sale.

The response was immediate. I could see and taste the sardines as I gobbled them with gusto straight out of the tin.

Never before in my five or so years as a vegetarian have I had this kind of attraction to something that was officially off the menu.

Certainly there where times when I smelled BBQ chicken and thought, ‘Hmmm…’, but that was just a momentary sensory dalliance.

This was more like an imperative that came from a place outside of being vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Frankly speaking, it was a fairly raw lust for the experience.

So, of course, we bought the sardines and were not surprised to find ourselves eating half a tin with a fork minutes after arriving home.

Kris spoke tonight about Indra’s Net as a symbol of how we are all intimately connected, with all others, with ourSelves, and with All That Is.

It was a beautiful description of the invisible network of loving energy we all exist within. But the thing that caught my attention was the idea that it was this very network of awareness and communications that was the source of our impulses.

I can only call what happened in the supermarket an impulse. It was not an idea, a feeling, or a memory, but somehow all of these things together combined with a feeling of almost urgency.


Of course, nothing is a single event, and this opening in my belief system to the idea of eating fish has made room, in turn, for an old memory of enjoying smoked sprats.

These are tiny little fish, like fatter sardines, that have been smoked before packaging and they are delicious in a startling, almost European way. Try them with buttered sourdough bread and stuffed olives – virtually Mediterranean!

What I am liking about this idea of Indra’s Net is that it puts me in touch with, not only my own Self and all of our aspects, past, present, probable, future or whatever, but it puts me in direct communication with all other lifeforms within consciousness, culminating, of course, in All That Is.

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