Creating New Conditioned Responses

I was startled today by a new perception on how we create our experience of reality. I was transcribing a recent session where Kris was offering tips and insights into how to approach the idea of health.

What struck me was the detail he went into describing how we create sickness. We don’t just collapse into a state of sickness in an instant. There is an arc there. A beginning, middle and an end that all contribute to the experience of having a cold, for instance.

This brought home for me the big idea that nothing is a ‘thing’. Everything is in the process of becoming something new. Our reality creation processes are no different.

It was a revelation to realize that our response to a trigger is not an instantaneous creation of what we don’t want. It is an observable process in a succession of nows that we are creating moment-by-moment in a pre-determined sequence.

Similarly, our alternatives to old conditioned responses can’t be just a single thing; peace, happiness, joy, love, acceptance, etc. It needs to be a living, open-ended process, or sequence of activities, that offers new choices at every juncture.

Kris has used three words consistently to describe the process we use to create our realities; stories, scripts and programs. I realized that all of these ideas are about process and change, not about simply achieving a new state.

Suddenly I realized that Kris has been explaining this to us for a long time. Creating sickness or health is a process where a particular experience triggers a visualization. But this is only step one.

It is followed by our experience of an actualization of that visualization, which triggers in turn, the next step in the process. It is a chain of events staged by us through time for a certain effect.

Here is one recent example where Kris describes how we need to envision what we want ‘in the same manner’ as when we envision what we don’t want.

“But you are the one who can set up that kind of program. But it requires some degree of mental and emotional action on your part. It’s not about clicking your heels three times and wishing you were back in Kansas. It is about envisioning in the same manner that you envision yourself hearing somebody sneeze, turning your head towards the person and literally visualizing the germs reaching out and invading your space and your body and thereby creating sickness in you.

Where you envision that suddenly the tiniest little tickle in your throat becomes an inflamed situation. You can even envision that you will begin to sneeze and your sinuses begin to leak. You will begin to have chills and a cough, and your lungs will fill, and so on and so forth. If you pay attention in those situations, you will see this is almost exactly what you do.”  ~  KRIS – The Year Of You – May 2017 – Health

I found the image above on the net. It shows the sequence of events an athlete goes through in serving a volleyball. This is the kind of script or program we need to create for ourselves in pursuit of our objectives and ideals.

It is not a single shining moment, but a carefully crafted sequence of visualizations and activities that create the fulfillment we desire.

This may sound like a lot of work, but, paradoxically, conditioning has an upside. After running this new script for thirty days or so, it will become automatic.

We will have conditioned ourselves to respond to these triggers, sickness, pain, problems, challenges, whatever, with the new programs we have created.

And it is obvious that there is no ending. After our athlete serves the ball, she needs to carefully watch how it might come back, and maybe move herself into a position that sets her up nicely for the next shot.

For example. Let’s say you hear a sneeze. This triggers the visualization of germs travelling your way. Observing this, we can bring forward the understanding that we are eternal, immortal Spirit Soul and not subject to any other authority or influence but our own.

Fortified by this perspective, we can send compassionate feelings and loving kindness towards whoever might have sneezed, and move our attention to our own focus. What is it that we want to accomplish in the next segment of our lives?

What ideals can we express practically in this situation? What are we feeling? What do we want? Where can we best turn our focus and attention as loving beings?

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