Sensing A Different Time Signature

Yesterday I noticed that the clock in the kitchen was losing time. But it’s a bit fussy to take it down and put it up again, so I decided to let it go for the time being.

I noticed it again this morning, but my mornings are pretty full and I didn’t want to take the time to fix it. Later would be fine, especially since the microwave in the kitchen showed the right time.

Tonight, after a busy day, I noticed it again, but this time I relaxed into the idea that while it was about 9 PM in this world, it must be 4:20 somewhere. Sort of like the thirsty person who reasons that it must be 5 o’clock somewhere.

Then the thought occurred, ‘Was it AM or PM in this other reality?’ Without a moment’s hesitation it became clear that it was AM in the other world. There was a real connection going on.

I freaked a little bit about the correspondence between our two worlds, and then recalled that in this world I often wake up at 4 AM and ponder things. Who was zooming who?

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