Like a Baby Reaching for Shiny Things


Just now, I was trying to go to a new location on the internet and the page I was on wouldn’t let me go. It had started playing an ad and seemingly wouldn’t let me leave the page without playing it through.

Of course, I just reached up and closed the tab and went on to what I wanted, but the reason for this egregious disregard for my feelings and total abnegation of the principles and freedom of the interweb was what caught my attention.

The video that wouldn’t let me leave the page was about some sort of attachment to the garden hose that turned it into a revolving lawn sprinkler.

What struck me was that the folks running this show thought it was okay to deny my freedom and rights in order to show me their watering gadget.

I didn’t check, but lets say their gadget was $29 or whatever. So we are dealing with a motive force that just wants us to look at their stuff and buy things.

I was immediately reminded of friends who have small children. Because toddlers have the tendency to grab anything, especially anything shiny and interesting, with no regard for anything else.

Apparently there is a well understood way to ‘toddler-proof’ a room so that they can’t really do much damage, and part of the strategy is to give them something shiny or interesting to play with.

This gave me a compassionate new perspective on the folks who are trying to control things for their own benefit. They are like children who can’t help but reach for shiny things.

All I have to do is toddler-proof my consciousness, extend my loving compassion, and maybe give these aspects something shiny to play with when they get restless.

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