A New Vision Of My Body


This morning, as I was going through the usual ritual of getting up, I happened to see myself naked in the big mirror in the bedroom.

Without thinking, I assumed a ‘muscle man’ pose with my arms raised up and my stomach pulled in. This was just a reflex and not very meaningful until something surprising happened.

As you know, we have been working on letting go of beliefs about aging and inevitable deterioration of the physical body in multiple ways for a few months now.

These choices and activities have begun to bear fruit. I am losing weight and getting stronger as I release a lot of outdated conditioning.

The major ideas have been:

* miraculous human body – always changing
* no need to defend anything
* “it is acceptable” even if it’s not my preference
* writing as an opening into Dreamtime
* veggie stew and green juice
* rebounding again
* focus on relaxation, releasing, accepting, allowing
* and more…

So this morning while I was posing in front of the mirror, there was a distinct change in my perception of my physical body. It was almost like seeing some kind of computer generated imagery.

For years I have been disheartened, and sometimes even appalled, by the changes in my physical body. At 67 years of age, this is not surprising in terms of the consensus reality, and in truth, I am faring much better than some of my associates, bless their hearts.

For example, my dentist is skeptical when I tell him I’m not taking any medications. Patiently, he says, ’No, I mean has your doctor prescribed any pills for you to take?

Everybody says I look 50-something, not 60-something. We don’t know how much of that is flattery, but nevertheless, there have certainly been some untoward, and sometimes even startling changes to my physical body in the past few years.

So I was startled and delighted at the vision that appeared in the mirror this morning. I saw my body as a mature version of the original template, still full of vitality and vigor.

I could actually see, slightly beneath the surface, the optimal, conditioning-free version of my embodiment – the original blueprint, if you will.

Many aspects of the present condition of my body were seen as a kind of overlay. A kind of shading or coloring on top of the original idea.

Maybe our condition is like that. We can increase or decrease it with a slider until be get just the right effect.

It may be my work with art apps on the iPad that has sensitized me to this idea of different layers that can be faded in or out, or even turned off, leaving whatever is underneath unobscured.

It was a delight this morning to have such a wonderful vision to acknowledge and savor. And, of course, understanding that it is with my perceptions that I create my experience of reality, this is only the beginning of the potential transformations.

Constantly looking at new pastures, a part of me is already saying, ‘Okay, we’ve got this lovely apparatus back on track. What’s next?

One thought on “A New Vision Of My Body

  1. I had a doctor at a medical clinic ask me once, “Are you on any medication?” My reply was that I hadn’t taken anything in more than a decade. He looked at me and asked, “Does that include street drugs?” he asked. “That includes aspirin…” I replied.

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