What Are Judgment And Resistance Good For?

I had an interesting event this morning with my back, perhaps related to some questions I have been asking myself. I rolled over in my sleep and felt some stiffness and pain in my lower left back.

This is a different location from the usual issues which are centered in the middle back and upwards through the neck, mostly on the right side.

It was the middle of the night so I just went back to sleep but woke up with the same tightness and pain in the lower left back.

As this seemed to be emerging as an issue, I applied my current array of techniques; it’s acceptable, it’s minor, it’s a message that I accept, it’s an aspect that needs nurturing, no judgment… and so on.

All well and good, but when I got up to do the Kris Quote it was still there, and in fact, it threatened a couple of times to spasm or go to the next level.

Back in bed, I got relaxed and did my usual Dreamtime meditation which I almost always emerge from with a big stretch and clenching of all my muscles. As I did this, there was a noticeable snap or release in the area of the pain.

I immediately knew that the needed adjustment had happened and my spine and back muscles were all back in alignment. This proved to be true throughout the day, and the original tightness and pain faded quickly.

So what was the message? What am I telling myself here? I think it’s that I can now recognize something in my life, examine it, accept it, allow it to be whatever it is, honor the legitimacy of its being, and still be aligned with our own desire for something different.

I can both accept the present moment for the amazing expression that it is, however challenging it may seem, and also cherish my desire for something more.

Looks like a bit of a tightrope, I know, but well within our collective grasp now, don’t you think? And remember, no judgment! (oh wait, that felt a tiny bit judgemental…)

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